Cadbury's cream eggs (1980)

Snacks/Food Commercial

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    Emichaca Posted 2 years 11 months ago
    The Rabbit with a chicken sound?
    BenJamin Posted 9 years 6 months ago
    I love Cadbury eggs. I do get them every Easter.
    Ladytink534 Posted 9 years 11 months ago
    I remember this commercial from when I was a kid. I love Cadbury creme eggs!
    sailor_moon_girl Posted 10 years 19 days ago
    cad eggs nothing like them i love them i eat the filling first yum
    pearljamownzyou Posted 10 years 6 months ago
    MMMM my favorite thing about Easter.
    stephanie2007 Posted 11 years 3 months ago
    ah yes the cadbury bunny..i love this commerical!
    jenniferswe Posted 11 years 3 months ago
    I loooooves these eggs!
    BC_Anselmo Posted 11 years 4 months ago
    The one with the several different sounding bunnies was the newer version of this comercial, I remember that one as well, they still show the different sounding bunnies perhaps b/c this comercial got old
    Video Jukebox Posted 11 years 8 months ago
    Ah, Cadbury creme eggs-- a tasty, tasty treat. One thing disturbs me though: the Cadbury bunny didn't "lay" those eggs, right?
    mr3urious Posted 11 years 10 months ago
    I'd also love to see the 90's commercial with the fat black bunny saying "buck buck buck" in a deep voice. That one's my favorite.
    ~Thunderkitten~ Posted 11 years 10 months ago
    Aww, Easter-time memories! I love Cadbury Creme Eggs... yum!
    dalmatianlover Posted 11 years 11 months ago
    Cadbury Eggs still come around Eastertime, I wish the commercials were still around.
    80sGuru Posted 11 years 11 months ago
    I actually have a stuffed clucking bunny from a few easters ago (ok yes i am late 20's and my mother still insists on getting me an easter basket, and i don't argue!) but i have always loved the original cadbury eggs, and the stuffed clucking bunny is awesome heh
    SummertmeBrews Posted 11 years 11 months ago
    I was so desperate for one when I was a kid, as a matter of fact I had a dream of eating one once and begged my mom for one all that day once til I got one. Spoiled brat I was.
    kimsy520 Posted 11 years 11 months ago
    AAAHHH!!! That clucking bunny!! I wish he'd come back

    Cadbury Creme Eggs are yummy
    mr3urious Posted 11 years 11 months ago
    I love the chocolate Creme Eggs the best!
    Krispy the Kritter Posted 11 years 11 months ago
    YEEEEAAAAH!...i loved these...I especially love the carmel ones and yes, the clucking bunny ruled!
    regular_joe Posted 11 years 11 months ago
    I remember these comercials! These were and are an easter tradition, kind of like trees at christmas I always had to laugh at a clucking rabbit
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