There was one computer game that personally defined my sense of computer games and that was The Neverhood. Quite frankly the most clever, interesting, dynamic game I have ever played to date. It also took forever to beat since I got so fed up with it. In this spectacular claymation adventure, you start off as a guy named Klayman. You don't know where you are or what to do. In the game, you solve puzzles to figure out the mystery of this world called, The Neverhood. Eventually you find out the neverhood was taken over by a greedy figure named Klogg. . You must now stop Klogg and regain control of the Neverhood through many complicated puzzles and games.

I must say that is on top of the excellent claymation and story, a brilliant game. I know it not a very well known game, but it seriously was one of the highlights of my childhood and you should try to play it if you can. It is a superb piece of gaming history.