Besides the Monkey Islands my favourite game has to be "Day of the Tentacle". I've spoken to many people about this game and I don't believe it's gotten the credit it truly deserves. It has one of the most original story lines I've ever experienced and, unlike some other games, takes time and effort. This is definitely one that you cannot finish in a day, no matter how well you know the tricks. Believe me, I've tried it.

So it starts off by introducing the resident "mad scientist" Dr. Fred. He has turned the (once privately owned) mansion into an unsuccessful hotel, using the basement as his secret lab. We meet our two favourite tentacles, Purple Tentacle and Green Tentacle out the back of the hotel. Purple becomes thirsty and drinks from the disgustingly polluted river that flows behind the dilapidated building.

As a result, he grows arms. Not only that, but he also turns evil, declaring that he feels like he could (and i quote) "TAKE OVER THE WORLD!". Green becomes quite terrified and sends a pet hamster with a letter to his good friend Bernard. Once Bernard and his dimwitted yet amusing friend Laverne and Hoagie hear of Green's concerns, they jump in their crappy ol' truck n the credits begin as they make their way back to the mansion (this being the sequal to "Maniac Mansion")
So the story begins with our three protagonists entering the mansion and realising they have no idea where to go. So they do the obvious thing and split up.

Now it was at this point that I remember being a tad confused... I never knew where to go or what to do. I soon became so desperate that I tried everything... Even venturing into Laverne's part of the house. Which turned out to not be such a bad idea. Eventually I ended up right back where I was with no clue what to do. So I did the obvious thing and tried literally every object with every action. Who would have guessed that the grandfather clock in the main hall opened to reveal a secret passage?! Well... I suppose it was secret after all!
So after a few bits and bobs, and some more problem solving, and a lot more confusion, the end result is a bit tiresome. Basically the only solution the professor could come up with was to send the three idiots back in time so they can turn off the "Sludge-O-Matic" and prevent Purple from growing his stubby little arms.

I could think of a billion and one better solutions to that problem... But I suppose the creators decided to go in a more entertaining and enjoyable path... Whatever.
So as I said, the end result is a bit tiresome. Instead of being sent back a day or so, each of the 3 friends is sent to a different time period. This of course has wondrous results: the game has essentailly become split into 3 totally separate yet completely intertwined games! AMAZING!
So Hoagie has been sent to the past

Bernard stays in the present

And Laverne gets sent to the future

Now I'm not going to give away any more of this gaming wonder, but I will say that this masterpiece always takes me at least 2 full days to complete. It is always entertaining and always enjoyable. If any of you ever get the chance to play it, I suggest you shove anyone in your way out of your path and run to your nearest computer. Go. Now.