I'm tired of movies being remade all the time.Nothing new seems to be coming out. If its not a remake, it's a sequel.... to a movie that doesn't need one.Or it's the same idea's just a different story.
Here is a small list of movie that I think should not be messed with in any way... but for some it's too late.

1. Labyrinth (1986).Sara wishes her baby step-brother away.He is taken away by the Goblin King.She is off on and adventure to find him in this labyrinth.Were she encounters many creatures along the way who become her friends,and help her along her way. There are also traps that the Goblin King Jareth.As she faces him in this final battle to save her step-brother Toby. A sequel is definitely not needed.The same thing with a remake.

2. The Goonies (1985).A group of friends go on search of the treasure of One-Eyed Willie. Avoiding booby traps and the Fratelli's.This movie would be a total meltdown if they remade it...but oh no looks like were a little too late. I read that they want to make a sequel..... thats right. I don't think it will do to good even if they do.

3. A Clockwork Orange(1971). Alex DeLarge and his three droogs.Alex loving Beethoven, and Ultra-Violence. Alex is later jailed for killing a woman.......After being jalied for a wile he is offered parole and has a chance to help with and experiment....Well for one thing no one can replace Stanley Kubrick or Alex for that matter.

4.The Breakfast Cub(1985).Brian, brought a flare gun to school and it went off in his locker.. Andrew,taped someone's butt cheeks together. Allison, has nothing better to do. Clair, skipped school to go shopping,and Bender,pulled a fire alarm.But In the end find out they have more in common then they though. Any John Hughes film should be left alone. Sixteen Candles,Weird Science,Pretty in Pink.. and any others I may have missed.