I am a guy who also happens to like pop music. It is funny how it can be called pop music when it is not very popular. Not many people especilly guys like pop music. But hopefully there will be some people out there who can relate with me. Aside from that here are the 10 pop female artists that I remember from the year 1999.Note that they are in no particular order or what i mean to say is that this is not a top ten review. I am not picking favorites.

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britney spears
I remember chillin out at school and listening to b96.
Baby one more time.... was on the radio. At the time she
just came outand the music was new and different. I googled the
lyrics and bought the cd off of bmg. At the time it was popular but
now it is just embarrassing if your friends catch you listening to it
doe'nt matter if you are female or male. But regardless after a time
has passed i may put in a couple songs just for old times sake.

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spice girls
I know they were'nt at their prime at this period in fact they were
dying out and had their last hit "Goodbye". But i still think they had
a little following still.Spice girls was one of my first cds. I had heard
them on 102.3 Xlc waukegan IL(which is steaming world wide at
xlc.com great alternative) and asked my brother who they were.
I brought the cd while looking around circuit city on impulse
and became a fan.

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mandy moore
Interestingly enough i did not catch onto her music until much
much later. But i know at that time "I wanna be with you" was
popular and she was starting to gain a following. On the off side,
see her movie "a walk to remember" it is pretty impressive.

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janet jackson
Making her way back into the spotlight with "together again".
With other songs coming in the years to come.

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christina aquilera
Competing with britney at the time.
She had a number of good hits.I only caught on to the
ones i heard on the radio like genie in a bottle and
come on over. It took me until much later to start
listening to the other songs which are pretty good too.

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Along with janet making her way back into scene with "Believe".
Others followed in the later years just like with janet. Cher has
had a very long and successful carrer. Started with "I got you
babe" then going the all the way to "believe" pretty impressive.

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destiny's child
I mostly just listened to their songs on the B96.Which at the
time was probably "bills bills bills" and "jumpin jumpin".I started
started listening to them more when i bought now 5

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I remember their video "no scrubs". Swinging on swings
and puttin down guys who deserved it.
Had that song stuck in my head a couple of times.
I beileve "Unpretty" was also out at that time.

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Shania Twain
I mostly remember her from the music videos i saw
on vh1's top ten. I also heard her on the radio as well.
her album was not released in 1999 but her music was still
pretty popular.

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Jennifer Lopez
I heard and saw her for the first time on vh1's top ten
With the song "If You Had My Love". Which followed with
waiting for tonight and so on......

Hope you understood and enjoyed my small ride down memory lane.