I've played many video games in my lifetime, but the ones that stick out most were the ones that were fast-paced, in your face, don't eat or sleep till they were beat or your mom says "Go to bed, you've been playing that game since yesterday!". Here's a list of 5 of those games I remember the most.

Coming in at number 5 on the list is
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Battletoads for the NES. It was the most fun you could have with a toad. Every level was crazy, but the most intense were the following,
Turbo Tunnelarticle image
This level was a big pain in my butt. I figured after I beat this level the rest should be easy.
Surf Cityarticle image
Man, this game is tough! Wait there's more!
Volkmire's Infernoarticle image
It was like Turbo Tunnel 2.
Rat Racearticle image
This level was horrible. If you slowed down for a second that friggin' rat would bust your chops.
And finally,clinger winger stage
article image You had better know where to go or that fireball thing would get you.

Number 4 on the list
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Dodge 'Em for the Atari 2600.
Wow, this game was addicting! It was an awesome game if you knew how to play it. I remember first playing it thinking, "This game sucks!" Although when you don't have much of a selection you appreciate the ones you DO have. So I soon got good at it.
article imageAfter that I would drive at breakneck speed trying to collect all the blocks without running into the guy in the other car who apparently, was suicidal. I still have that game.

Número Tres
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The Immortal for the NES
Yeah, the Immortal. You may be thinking, "How is Immortal an intense game?". Well, the game overall was kind of slow-paced and a little drawn out, but one stage in particular was really intense.
The Octopus escape level.article image
This level took me hours to beat. You had to get just close enough to the octopus to have him chase you. Then, you would have to cut every corner just close enough that you could stay ahead of it. Finally you would have to lure it into a whirlpool by getting really close to it and backing off and the black octopus would get flushed like a dead goldfish.

Number 2 on the Intense games list
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Mega Man 2 for the NES. This was the best Mega Man game ever in my opinion. I really enjoyed it. The whole game was moderately tough, but as for most intense it would have to be the Quickman stage.
article image The intense part of the level was pretty much trial and error. You would have to know in advance were to run on each new screen or get vaporized into dozens of flashing bits.

Now for number 1 on the list.. after this quick commercial break.....
article imageMmmm!

.....Ok, ok number 1 on this list is
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Dragster for the Atari 2600
This game is sweet! I even downloaded it off of Gametap so I could get my fix now and again. This game totally confused me when I first played it. I could NOT figure it out. What was the point of this game I thought. Well, like Dodge 'Em I had a limited number of games to play with so I made the best of those I had. I soon learned the controls for Dragster and it became one of my all time favorite games.
article image It was simple and easy to play if you knew how. Simply wait for the timer, then shift into first and drive until you red-lined then shift again. It's much more fun when playing someone else with an easy reset button. That was because it was easy to blow your engine or sometimes start too early.
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All these games were a blast to play. I know I left out some others that were intense, but these ones stood out more.
I hope you enjoyed this article.