I'm from Brazil, grew up in the 80s and 90s in a very nice- middle-class-neighborhood of this country's biggest city. Well, I have to admit it: I still dress myself, well, pretty much influenced by my 90s pre-teenager and teen years. In the past few years, the Internet served as an incredible way of finding the type of stuff you want. Like, for instance; when i was 8 to 10 years old, all or most of my friends from school had already went to Disneyworld. They came back and in the next day they were all wearing Goofy's and Mickey's hats, wearing cool sneakers, like the reebok Pump. Wow, for me, achieving that must be like being Larger than Life.

One other thing that my friends had and it was sooo coool was the original NES, in which those big grey cartridges were inserted, not the stupid Family Computer (or Famicom) that i had, the japanese version of NES, that only accepted the smaller, harder-to-find tapes, but i'll talk about on another article, i hope!

Anyways, the years went by, and i have never quite forgot the Reebok Pump. Well, a few years ago, Reebok re-released the Omni Pump on a Limited Version, the same basketball model, so popular in 1990-91 here in Brazil. This time, i wouldn't let my dream escape from my hands; i bought it myself, even though it cost a lil' expensive.

Other models were the object of my desire in 1990-91 (i was 10-11 at that time, btw): Magic Johnson's Converse (not only my biggest NBA idol wore 'em; the main character of 'Lost Boys', one of my favorite movies, had those also) and the mighty Nike Air Force III. Since i got the Pump, i bought them all.

Sneakers were a very important part of the way you dressed yourself in the 90s, even more that it is today...but i was definitely looking for a very very cool typeof friendship bracelets, but i didn't know exactly how they were called in USA. Well, i had those bracelets back in 1990-1991,and some 4 years ago, i started looking back, and searching those here in Brazil, trying to find 'em. But it was useless, they were nowhere to be found. I've even registered myself on eBay, but couldn't find them.
Well, after i read snkreed99's articled "How cool were you?" on february, i immediately searched for "friendship bracelets" on eBay and...


Wow, boy, was I thrilled!..it was a sudden jolt of enthusiasm and excitement!haha! So, I wanted to thank snkreed99 and, most of all, RetroJunk...you guys showed me that i'm not the only crazy person that LOVES to relive tthose good old 80s and 90s days.