With all the remakes now, like there in some craze on remaking cult classics, I wanted to do an article on the remakes that should have been made and not just for the sake of it.These remakes could be made because the originals were allot more dated and with modern technology, the directors could go further with the story and make it more believable. Unfortunately these days that's all they rely on is the CGI, instead of focusing on the story and remaking cult films all the time, which never beat the original so you wonder why they bother. There special for certain reasons, when the director wanted to stay more true to its origin or wanted to freshen it up with there vision for detail and what not. It just seems totally unnecessary remaking them again. I mean there probably remake The Terminator soon...

I was never a lover of this film but since it did brilliantly at the box-office and my favourite director made it Mr. James Cameron, I had to put it in the list. As usual Cameron brings his epic style to this disaster movie. What I always loved about all his movies, was the right amount of humour and action mixing it perfectly. Obviously this movie was mainly a love story, so the only real action was when the the Titanic sank. I was happy for Cameron that it did so brilliantly but not necessarily for the film itself basing it around lovers, which makes me wonna vomit.

The original Cape Fear was scary but this version was much more terrifying. Robert De Niro really played a psycho in this Max Cady, even his name sounds freaky. I would say the scariest role he's ever played. Martin Scorsese really creates tension and fear in this version. I haven't seen it in a while but there were some gruesome deaths.
Robert De Niro apart from playing a right psycho in this, was really creepy stalking the family, getting back at Sam Bowden Nick Noltes character for putting him away. One of my favourite scenes was when Jessica Lewis meets Max Cady in a school stage and he becomes pretty scary and menacing.
The ending was pretty scary when Max Cady keeps coming back when you think he's dead. There's allot of good actors in this with Jessica Lange who was real fit in her heyday and Gregory Peck making a cameo appearance, which was nice to see from the original.

I don't think I've ever seen the original but I've always liked this film anyway so I added it to the list. I don't think this films anything special but enjoyable to watch anyway. There's plenty of well known actors in this, Mel Gibson does a good job playing a father going over the edge to get his son back. I like the fact that Ron Howard directed it, he's done some really good films that I liked so I'm not surprised this was quite good.
I've never really liked Rene Russo but she was ok. I really liked Gary Sinise in this as a villain, I think he's a great actor he played one of the kidnappers who was quite sinister at times. Its quite fast paced and has a good story thanks to the original. It doesn't really have any scary moments which I think lets it down, maybe the originals better in that way I'm not sure. Like I said it wasn't anything special but good to watch.

The last of the Mohicans is an incredible remake of an old classic. Michael Mann did such a great job making it so epic. I think it has to be one of the greatest movies ever made. The battle scenes were absolutely awesome. As an English it wasn't good seeing how we got our asses kicked but it worked brilliant for the story.

Daniel Day-Lewis did a superb job playing a native, one of the last Mohicans. Every one in the film did a good job and although the story was set around a love story, I found it so much more enjoyable because there was a war going on. There was more excitement going on, unlike Titanic. Like I said the battle scenes were brilliant and very brutal with solders getting blown all over the place. I loved how the English were defending a fort against the French, when explosions were going off everywhere. Wes Studi played a really evil villain in this, which showed how ruthless his native clan were, fighting against the English. It doesn't have a happy ending because allot of the main character die but still satisfying and pretty sad.

The fly is an amazing film and remake to a classic which I still like also. Directed by David Cronenberg who did a brilliant job with it. The original was very tame compared to this version, so know wonder Cronenberg remade it because he brought allot more to it than the original. I haven't seen all of his films but I've read that allot of them are quite gory.This version is really great staring Jeff Goldblum, who plays Seth Brundle and does a great job with him.

I think its his best film he's ever done. It also stars Geena Davis, who's the love interest, which reports all his work and witnesses the gory moment when the monkey gets turned inside out. I think its brilliant how they slowly turned him into a fly, with his body-parts slowly deteariating and ultimately turning into the fly. Although its a really gory horror film, it has a really sad ending. I think the most memorable scene is when Jeff Goldblum arm wrestles a guy and stamps his arm, which still makes me cringe.

Out of all the remakes The Blob has to be the most enjoyable for me, its a real popcorn movie.The original is a classic but there was hardly any gore unlike this version. I think because it had allot more humour, its not so well remembered compared tot he original. The original was made in the 50's which was well known for its monster movies, so know wonder it was remembered more.

There were a few good actors in this version, mainly Kevin Dillon who I think is a great actor, its a pitty he's not on the big screen so much these days. Theres a few similarities but it had allot more of an 80's cheesy feelt, which gave its unique touch.

The gore was the best part for me, with victims dying in horrible ways. They made the Blob so much more monstrous and menacing, which I thought was great. You find out in this version that the Blob wasn't an alien life form but an American experiment gone wrong and landed in a small town which gave it a brilliant twist and originality, instead of copying the original too much. I think this film is very underrated and defiantly better than the original. I think if it was more serious than maybe it might have been received better but I'm glad they made it how they did because that made it much more fun to watch. It also has a really cool ending which I found pretty clever.

I think this is the best remake ever made. Carpenter was a huge fan of the original movie, The Thing from Another World but felt it didn't stay true to the original source and wanted to go back to it. It was written by John W. Campbell (Author of Who Goes There). I really liked Carpenters style in his shots,his films always looked very basic and clear to watch which made it so much easier and enjoyable.

The Thing for me is a brilliant for its isolation.The film is very creepy and very scary at times. The music for it was brilliant and very eerie. When the dog reaches there outpost, you wonder which one is infected and who to trust.This has to be one of John Carpenters greatest films, with great special effects even if it does look dated by today's standards.I think its not the technology that you have but its how you execute it and films from the 80s done it extremely well with great film making and puppetry. Kurt Russell was great in this film as Macready the hero, that has find out which of the crew have been infected by the alien and slowly becomes the leader.

It also stars Keith David who plays child's who survives at the end with Kurt Russell and you wonder if he is infected. Over all this film is brilliant to watch, with some really cool looking monsters showing what wild imagination can do, I got that from Rob Bottin which is absolutely true. Watching it now I still obviously love it but I wished you could have seen inside the big alien spaceship, just to see the alien control pit where it navigated it and any other places inside they could have explored. That would have been really interesting to have seen.