What were they thinking?

No really…. What were they thinking??

For some reason, Pepsi ignored the historic concept; “If it ain’t broke, no fix it.”

In 1992, Pepsi tried to jump on a fitness bandwagon and introduced Crystal Pepsi to the masses. They wanted people to think that because it was “clear,” it was healthier. I don’t blame pepsi for thinking this though… This was the same time that soap and cleaning products were also introduced in “clear form.” I guess you can say there was a Clear-Craze… or something.

Ah, the Superbowl commercial for Crystal Pepsi…. Van Halen’s “Right Now!” With crazy sporadic images of Crystal Clear Pepsi flying all over the screen.

The best part about crystal pepsi, is it confused the consumer. Consumers who enjoyed a “Cola” would obviously buy a dark product. People who prefer Un-Cola would obviously buy a clear product (7-up, sprite, etc.) So Crystal Pepsi didn’t appeal to anyone…. My dad lived off of Pepsi, and he hated Crystal Pepsi. What is funny, is it taste exactly the same. If you say it tasted different, you’re lying, or are confused. It had the identical ingredients.

Not much more to write about Crystal Pepsi… other than it was a joke. But I must admit… I enjoyed drinking it.