This is my first article and I have seen a lot of love toward the original NES and felt that I had to spread some love to a lesser known console. Back in 1989 NEC released a video game system in the US called the TurboGrafx-16.

Back when bits mattered for video game consoles it was 16 bits where NES was only 8. This was a bit of a misconception. The TurboGrafx was really an 8 bit system with 16bit graphics. So the games did look a little better than the NES.They also released a hand held that was far superior to the GameBoy. It was the Turbo Express and it played all the console games. It had a TV turner you could buy for it to watch tv on it also.

I totally loved this system as a kid. I don't even remember why I got one but I can tell you once I had it, I loved it more than my NES. My favorite games on the system where games like Bonk's Adventure, Bonk's Revenge, Splatterhouse, Vigilante, Legendary Axe, and several others.

Bonks Adventure

Bonk's REvenge

Splatter House

Legendary Axe 2

The system came with a controller, system, wires, and a game. The game was Keith Courage.

Keith Courage in Alpha Zone

It was a decent game and I played my fair share of it. The controllers for the system where very similar to the NES controllers except they had turbo built into them that you could change with switches above the buttons.

The other thing of note is that the games came on Hu cards and not game cartridges. The Hu cards came in CD cases.

They made a mutli-tap for the system that let you have 5 players in some games. This was a great system and the only thing that I can see that was a problem, was it did not have the software library that the NES had. It is a real shame because it was a great system. Later on they added a CD drive add on and released games on CD.

I remember the first CD game I got was Fighting Street. This was Street Fighter 1 in case you did not know.

I still have mine and will still dust it off to play. I hope you enjoyed my first article and hopefully not my last.