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Postal 2 or Movie, directed by Uwe Boll this series held the title of Most controversial game for some time
basic plot KILL!
Postal looks like
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This doesnt look so bad! Whats the problem lets look at the better-known sequel Postal 2 article image check out some gameplay from HERE.
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This game actually got its name from where these post office workers just went CRAZY Well take an this game was no Mario.
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This game was and still is the subject of much controversy Lets think Would political bigshots let a game like THIS go unnoticed? article imagearticle imagearticle image
Certainly Not Political Bigshots made a huge deal out of this game and this game is actually what helped create The ESRB. They thought that the fatalities would cause children to become more aggressive, and all this other political stuff. this game is a big part of game history
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You gotta hand it to Doom, this game is probably what established the first-person-shooter genre.
OK: You have a gun. There are demon zombie things Kill them! That's pretty much it
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Now, this game was mostly criticized for its high levels of Gore, Violence, and satanic imagery.
But the thing that REALLY set it off is that they found out that the columbine kids were BIG players of Doom, and most people called the game a "Mass-murder simulator", and everyone got really P.O.ed at this, because they figured that they were trying to act out the game.
These games were no doubt controversial, but are big parts of gamer history.
Also, politicians, IMO, suck.