1988. A glorious time for children where as toy lines were bloominig to new heights of creativty and excitment. Toys were at their prime. We had classic toy lines such as G.I. Joe, Transformers, Voltron, Madballs, and many, many more. There was no hold on the imagination for any child, especially my small six year old brain. Food Fighters helped expand this.

As I recall, I first saw them inside of a Target one spring day while searching with my Mother for a new dress or something for her to wear to work. I saw them there in their bright aqua blue packaging made to resemble the walls of a kitchen, lighting up the toy isle with their unique persona. I had to have them. The Food Fighters were unlike anything I had ever seen. Sure we had all played with our food before, but having action figures made up of hot dogs, cookies and evil pancakes with machine guns. Now THAT was good times.
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I begged. I pleaded. I needed this toy line. So for the next week or so, I just ruined my Mothers kitchen by playing wth left over pizza, cans of peas and a week old Mcdonalds cheeseburger but it just wasn't the same. My mother saw this too, no doubt thinking I was teetering on the edge of insanity.
My birthday came. I remember it as clear as yesterday. Not only had I recieved my first BMX but I had also aquired almost the entire line of the Food Fighters action figures. Mattel had sure hit gold with these in my eyes. As soon as I had opened the first one, my imagination was on fire. I learned of the back story of Burgerdier General who lead his army of Kitchen Commandos against Mean Weener (if only I had a dirty mind back then) and the dreaded Refridgerator Rejects. Everything was grand. I played with them til the paint wore off. Most of the time the setting was in the kitchen (naturally) and I couldn't begin to tell you the epic battles I had with Taco Terror and Lieutenant Legg.article imagearticle image.. Only... Something was missing. My battles for the existance of peaceful food were incomplete. I had no Mean Weener.
As it turned out. Mean Weener, the vengeful evil Hot Dog leader of the Refridgerator Rejects was hard to find. Very hard. In fact, I never ever saw him in stores. My enemies of the kitchen were leaderless and I had to make up for it by using real hot dogs much to my Mother's dismay.

The toy line I loved and played with for hours on end never really took off the way I hoped. With no cartoon that I was aware of to back it up, the line failed and became just another bargin bin massacre by 1989. However, just the other day, I was going through my Mother's old storage room and found my two remaining food fighters left, Burgerdier General and Major Munch. I guess in my world of Food Fighters, the Kitchen Commandos were over all victorious in the battle of time against the Refridgerator Rejects. Leaderless, and without the aid of Mean Weener, they never stood a chance against my dog at the time, Snuggles.
I do hope some of you shared the same experiances as a child and remember these loveable little hunks of plastic. Maybe some of you were lucky enough to have a Mean Weener of your own too.article image.