These were the three fast food place back then:
Burger King

These were the same ones.... but they were better back then.
i'm gonna start with Burger King.

1. Burger King
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Burger King Kids Meal Pokemon The First Movie 1999
Mmm.....Burger...... They actually had a good kids meal back then.
I remember when they had those Pokemon Toys back then when I was 14.
I WAS CRAZY. I had watched Pokemon alot when it first came out on Kids WB. Almost every night I would ask my Mom to take me to Burger King get more toys and cards.(I did get one of those golden ones) and I showed it to my friends at school and they kept asking WANNA TRADE?,WANNA TRADE THAT FOR MY BLASTOISE?. I said there was NO WAY IN THE WORLD that I would trade my Golden Card for a damn Blastoise (A card I already had).
That wasnt the part of they story. Okay the food tasted great and was flame grilled (like it will always be) but it looked good! It also had alot of sesame seeds and looked like a BURGER. I still have all of my Pokemon toys.

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I had a break from watching TV and that's all I really did back then.
Every Saturday Morning when I got out of bed and flipped on the TV and tuned in to ABC (thats what I watched until 1995 when Kids WB came in) I would see the McDonaldLand ads on every break. Ronald McDonald was silly and fun (and less creepy) and the toys they had back then for the Happy Meals made me wanna go. The toys were mainly Disney toys (sometimes Ronald McDonald toys or something) and the food was BETTER BACK THEN. It wasnt smashed up like a hotcake (McDonalds Pancakes) and tasted juicy and crap not like the dry sponge CRAP we have today. But most of the time I ordered ChickenMcNuggets instead of a burger and the Nuggets were better too and had Dark and White Meat (now its just White Meat). McDonalds was my second favorite place to eat.
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I first went to this place in 1993 and the burgers tasted okay but the shape of the patty was square (THE MEGA KRYSTAL PATTY) and they put hardly any sesame seeds on my bun (BAD IDEA). But their fries were VERY GOOD AND SALTED and they are still good today.

Fast Food was better for all of us in the 90's. Good night and good bye.