I remember finding this movie on VHS at a local small town video store and rented it. That was when I was in my teens still in high school. I remember first watching this odd movie with one of my friends, Loni. We actually thought it was funny- which when it comes to scary, that's okay. Maybe you could call it a "dark comedy" or something along that line.

This film is from 1987 and was originally called, "Outback Vampires"- over in Australia, where it was filmed. However, the release in the United States was called, "The Wicked." One other title for this same film was, "Prince at the Court of Yarralumia." The movie was filmed in Yarralumia, Australian Capital Territory, Australia. I found out this film was not released in theaters, but rather was aired on TV 18 on June 18, 1988. That may be why it was not really gory, but rather funny or goofy. I liked the film and it goes on my list of "b" films that are highly underrated.

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The base plot is about two guys who are driving along the dirt backroads in Australia, heading to a rodeo and see a woman hitchhiking. They pull over and offer her a ride. She is hesitant at first but agrees to go with them. Unfortunately, their car breaks down and they continue their journey, on foot. They come across some men who are digging in an area and ask where they can get lodging for the night. The group of three are then directed to the nearest tiny town. They walk into a local pub and ask if there is lodging within the small town. The employee there says no but directs them to "Sir Alfred's" mansion on the hill. They make their way there and that's when things get even weirder. The audience is then introduced to Sir Alfred, a pale and thin man, a son who is very eccentric, and daughter who seems to have lost her mind. The three guests try to show that they are thankful for the hospitality and keep their opinions to themselves. The rest of the synopsis I found on Wikipedia: "After becoming separated, Lucy, Nick and Bronco are taken on a surrealist journey through the mansion, which is still decorated with Christmas decorations. The scenes in the house are shot in blue-tones, characters are able to climb on walls, people are told to "follow the bouncing ball", doors suddenly vanish and there is a music-video style performance by a band at one point. The three friends must band together to find a way out of this haunted house and rid the town of this un-dead family once and for all." So obviously by now I think you can guess that the inhabitants of this old and odd home are, that's right, vampires.

A few years ago I nabbed it on VHS off Ebay for .99 cents and it was still brand new in factory shrink rap. Researching more, this film has not yet been made available on DVD. There are some out there that use a capture card and make their own bootleg DVD and sell copies of them. My husband captured it onto DVD for me, remastered it, but I have it in my own personal collection only.

Should you be interested in finding this flick to watch, your best bet will be going on Ebay and buying it on VHS. Then if you can, capture it onto DVD or blow the dust off the old VHS player and wing it old school. Or you could just simply go on YouTube and watch it- someone has it posted in several different parts (this version it is called Outback Vampires)- It seems to be ripped from a VHS tape so there is some tracking issues along with blips in the sound, but it is nothing that makes it difficult to watch- here is the video for part 1:

Below are a couple photos of my copy on VHS-

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If you are a lover of horror movies, "b" films, vampires, then give this film a chance. There really isn't much gore, the acting isn't bad, the atmosphere is cliche but quirky at times. It holds it's own for weird- but still has blood and fangs!