Nickelodeon aired a ton of sitcoms during the 90s. Like, I can think of 3 right off the top of my head. (Yes i know about You Cant Do That On Television but that was 80s were talking 90s)

This was a show about a girl named Clarissa and her friend Sam. Clarissa had a brother, Fergusen, who was kinda like the antagonist. Another weird thing is that Sam never comes through the door. Just Clarissa's window. Huh. It also had the catchiest theme song for any show ever, consisting of nothing but NA NA NA NA and so on and so forth.

This show threw you for a loop. So, the intro starts, blah blah blah Hey Dude whatever. And then BOOM. "Watch out for maneating jackrabbits and killer cacti." OH MY GOD! THIS MUST BE THE MOST INTERESTING SHOW EVER! Nope. This show was boring! If you liked it great but this would not make any Top 10 list of anyone I know.

I dont remember much from this one but i do remember how awesome it was! It had great writing, and it was hilarious. It was just so random that when an episode was over, you'd sit there for like 10 minutes wondering what the heck just happened. Like one second Pete would be taking a test, then hes mowing the grass on the side of a freeway with some random girl.