There are many forum discussions on how the culture of a decade bleeds into the first few years of the next one, most of these usually being of the late 70's-early 80's and late 80's-early 90's. But I want to go back a few years before that, to the 50's and 60's.

As we all know the 1950's numerically ended on December 31, 1959 and the 60's began on January 1, 1960, but from what I've seen the true culture of the 60's began around some time during 1963-65. Around the time the Beatles were rising to fame with their debut album "Please please me" and when John F. Kennedy was assassinated. But still, it's harder to pinpoint when the culture of the 60's began considering how long ago it was compared to more recent decades.

The 50's were mostly famous for Rock and Roll, Hot Rods and Greasers and if you watch movies from the early 60's you'll see that they still retained these trends. When did greasers die out? When did Rock-and-Roll turn into rock and when did women get rid of their combed back hair for various new hairstyles that the 60's had to offer, such as the flip and beehive.

As with 60's culture, I know hippies didn't arise until as late as 1967. But surely there would of been some around before they became popular.