So, my very first post here over at Retro Junk! I'm bound to change over time, but we all gotta start somewhere. With that said, let's start with a topic not unfamiliar to readers, and a topic that will undoubtedly....rile some of you. Thats right, we're talking 2014 Ninja Turtles, baby!!

In case you've missed it, (insert under a rock joke) Michael "I love horrifically mutilating your childhood" Bay has decided to take the turtles in a dark new direction that I can only hope doesn't contain any of the insipid jokes Transformers did. Yeah, I called you out, wrecking ball joke!! The internet, as it is wont to do, immediately took to bashing the film, pointing out everything from the presence of lipped turtles to April O'Neil having grotesquely small thumbs. But why post this here, on a site about retro stuff? I hear your silent judgement (yes I can read your thoughts. You pervert. ) Buuuut! I have reasons. And today's reason is simple.

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Because this exists

If you eat, breathe, and sleep ninja turtles, you've probably caught on to the fact that the new movie might actually do well. I know I'll go see it. Why? The new movie, judging from the trailer, is alot closer to the original turtles than alot of other recent interpretations, excluding the Nickelodeon cartoon (another post, another time). The turtles of days past were far darker than the ridiculousness of the series might imply. What started as an industry in-joke turned into something that Frank Miller would shy away from. The turtles cursed, cut, sliced, diced, smashed and ripped through villains without a second thought. Hell, the very first issue from 1984, (which was supposed to be the only) featured the brutal death of The Shredder at the turtle's hands, who gave him an ultimatum: either die without honor by their hand, or commit ritualistic suicide, or suppuku.

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You can almost guarantee that Bay's interpritation will include cursing, maybe blood here and there, and lots and lots of violence. Sound familiar? It may sound like an obvious comparison...because it is. Undoubtedly, they will retain the teams overabundance of personality for the kids, but this certainly won't be the 80's cartoon. Use Transformers as an example. So if its closer to the source material than people assume, why complain? People are never satisfied, thats why. They see one thing that isn't quiiiite like it used to be, and the spiteful comments went wild. All I'm saying is, don't be so quick to judge. Maybe it'll be good!

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Well...we can only hope

I know this article was shortb(fun-size, if you will) but there is more to come. Oh, trust me. I don't expect many to read this, but its a nice starter I suppose. Not all my posts will feature the turtles (im cultured too, y'know!) But for now, I bid you goodbye. Ta ta for now!!