Interview with Wolf:

What do you see here?

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Wolf: "Batman the Animated Series."

And this one?

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Wolf: "Really?"

What's a typical school day like for you?

Wolf: "Uh, I guess after I fire up cereal, I watch some Sonic before the bus comes."
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Wolf: "The older kids talk about that guy from Nirvana killed himself with a shotgun. My brother likes them, but he mostly listens to Metal bands like Guns n Roses and Metallica and stuff. Him and his friends do Satanic circles in the woods and smoke pot and drink beers and stuff."

Tell me more about school.

Wolf: "This kid George is always messing with me. His cousin, too. Me and Andy read comics article image in recess article imageand hang out, but sometimes George and his friends will rough us up and rip our comics in half."

Wolf: "The day is way more awesome after school."

Why is that?

Wolf: "If I get home fast enough, me and Katie ride our bikes before Animaniacs comes on, and then right after that is Batman and then Power Rangers."
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Wolf: "We set up our fort and all our rope swings until I have to go eat dinner. Then its church service. Church sucks."

What about after church?

Wolf: "Nintendo. I'm trying to beat Metroid but it's crazy hard. Ninja Turtles and Mario 2 are my favorites though. And Double Dragon 2. My friend Tim has Genesis and we play Sonic and Spiderman Maximum Carnage."
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It seems like you spend a lot of time in front of the T.V. What about time outdoors? Any activities? Sports?

Wolf: "Well, its not a sport, but we skateboard a lot. Me and my friends make ramps out of plywood and spray paint them different colors."
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Wolf: "And we play manhunt."


Wolf: "Yah, you get a bunch of friends around the neighborhood at night with flashlights and only one of you hides. And then everyone has to look for you. And the whole like neighborhood block is bounds and you cant hide in a house or shed or anything like that."
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That sounds pretty fun, actually.

Wolf: "On Saturday, a bunch of us can usually get dropped off at the mall. If I bring ten bucks, I can spend five of it at Hole in the Wall Comics up the street. I'm trying to collect all the issues of Knightfall."
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What's Knightfall?

Wolf: "Its this Batman story where this huge guy Bane comes to Gotham and Batman is exhausted from fighting all of his enemies and Bane breaks his back."
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That's a bit violent.

Wolf: "No way. Batman will be back. This other guy Azrael is Batman for now until Bruce gets better."

Wolf: "Oh, and then we go to Dream Machine.
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I have the high score on Arkanoid and on X-Men. My friend Dave almost beat it yesterday."
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Wolf: "And we went to Rocky Point last week. Me and Kara were going together and we went on the coaster at least 5 times.

Wolf: "Hey are we done here? I gotta go, my brother just got a new car and we're gonna go out. See Ya."

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