Ok, so has anyone ever heard of or played the game Military Madness? Anyone? No? Ok I tell you about it.

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Military Madness was a turn based strategy game made in 1989 by Hudson Soft (yes, they are still in business) for the Turbo Grafx-16. The game earned some solid praise. Even Video Games & Computer Entertainment gave it the "1990 Best Military Strategy Game Award". Despite this, Turbo Grafx still got blown out of the water by the Nintendo Entertainment System and the Sega Genesis later on.

Here's what happens in the game: In 2089, Mankind's need for resouces had grown too big for the Earth itself to provide, but the moon was found to have vast resources! The most powerful nations stake their claims on the moon, and war breaks out because of it. It's revealed that the Axis Empire is behind much of the fighting. The Axis empire soon attacks and captures most of the moon. They start to make new weapons at their factory on the moon to prepare to attack Earth. They plan to launch the "Super Atomic Missle", or S.A.M., on the Earth. In plain English, a nuke.

So the Allied Powers fights back against them, trying to free the prisoners and stop Axis from launching the nuke. Pretty dramatic, huh?

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The first map of the game, Revolt.

This game had you move your units and attack the enemy in turns, fighting in 32 total maps, each map making the game challenging. You control various units. The link has all of the units listed: http://nectaris.tg-16.com/Universal_Weapon_Guide_00.html

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This level is an asshole! You have to face half a dozen Hunters, and Hunter units are feared weapons on the game!

My dad and I played this together a couple of times. He was a pro at it, because he played it when I was a baby. Every time we'd play, he would pick Borman as the map, because it was the one map that was evenly matched and fair, while the rest were either to your advantage or mostly the computer's.

You can easily find the rom file for this on Google, and the best program to play the rom is Magic Engine. You can download the demo version or order the full program for $20. Here's the link: http://www.magicengine.com/uk_index.php?sessid=S3YJAhXfPcJTMH6JSlbevAg-CfIg

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