I am a new writer to RetroJunk, so I thought, as a freshman article, to do something we all love. What would that be? Why, 90's Video Games of course! Who could forget all of the beloved characters of our time? There was Simon Belmont and Mario and Link and Samus Aran and the list goes on. Let’s start the discussion of the things that helped define this generation.

This white box. This was the first video game system I had ever owned. I got it back in 1994, when my brother went off to college and gave me the system. I was only 7 at the time (even though my username says 1991, I was born in 1987) and I knew that this was the moment that video games had entered my life. We had a pretty big library of games, Zelda, Castlevania, Mario, Metroid, Mike Tyson’s Punch Out, ETC. I remember getting really mad at those god damn bats in Castlevania and smashing my controller. The fear of facing Mike Tyson was unbearable. Then Sega had released its system. The Sega Genesis. It was so intimidating. 16-bit.

Everyone knew it was Nintendo vs. Sega. Who would win? We wouldn’t find out until 1996 when the Nintendo 64 gets released and Sega turns to shit. Then, Nintendo releases a 16-bit system as well.

Better games, better graphics, better gameplay, more colors, more polygons. Sega found that one thing that Nintendo didn’t have. BLAST PROCESSING. What the hell is blast processing? Absolutely nothing. They made it up. It just means speed. But everyone who favored Sega would just say “Blast processing” in an argument. Then, Sega went down a hill when the 32X came out.

Gamers knew to wait for the N64 or the PlayStation, so there was no point of making the fucking thing. Well, Sega sucks, Nintendo rules, and now we have like 320 bit systems or some shit like that. thanks for reading my first post!