A while back I was introduced to guy through a mutual friend, it was a Friday night and we were enjoying a few drinks chatting away. I soon discovered he also shared a love for Sci-Fi much like me and we started passing bizarre comments and inside jokes related to the genre. we spoke about shows from every era and I started to feel sorry for my friend who hadn't a clue to what we were speaking about.

He mentioned Buck Rogers in the 25th Century and if I had seen it to which I honestly told him I hadn't but hoped to soon as even though I had not heard good things about it I would take it upon myself to decide.
He soon strolled of to his gathering of films and TV series to return with the complete series and told me to take it with me and to let him know what I thought.

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A few days later after returning home from a night shift I felt it was a good time to sit down relax and enjoy some adventures with Buck himself, now for those of you who know not of this show I will explain; Captain Buck Rodgers is a Pilot for NASA who whilst in space in 1987 has a life support malfunction gets frozen for 504 years, Through the series he attempts to fit into the life in the future whilst heading out on different types of missions wearing a one piece suit a few sizes too small for him. The show includes a lot of gorgeous women! A small robot name Twiki voiced by the legendary Mel Blanc and a man who is half human half hawk, I mean come on what more do you want.

This fantastic intro might help

If that itself hasn't persuaded you let me go on...Here’s some let’s call interesting scenes, that thankfully I wasn't the only one that found strange as others have uploaded them as stand a lone clips on youtube.

In one episode a crew member of earth defence is being chased by pirates, Captain Wilma Deering and Buck Rodgers take it upon themselves to help him and take out the pirates. One of Bucks seniors isn't happy and gives him a grilling to which he replies with..... Well best you check it out for yourself. Skip to about 1.04

Now apparently he is saying "There is something wrong with your funk & wagnals" as in the dictionary publisher but either way. There is no surprise there was some confusion.

Another I found very amusing was when a princess named Ardala wishes to marry Buck and if this doesn't happen she will destroy every city on earth..... rather extreme don’t you think? Somehow in between all this Buck attempts to teach those of the future how to "Get down".

You may enjoy reading some of the Youtube comments on this one.

He also takes it upon himself to teach some students about the strategy of "football" to which the kids find this hilarious, the idea of football that is.

In this scene I'm not exactly sure what is funnier the stupid look on the girls face after she asks buck a question or the random fight that breaks out...If you can call it that.

Another great reason Is the eye candy, Besides the beautiful Erin Gray special guests include Teddi Siddall, And my personal favourite Amanda Wyss who you may remember from a Nightmare on Elm Street, Fast times at Ridgemont High or even Better off dead. Another episode includes Jamie Lee Curtis in which Buck breaks her out of a prison.

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Now I am not saying this show is a masterpiece it definitely has its issues, I mean when you look back at this, most would just laugh at it so everyone would jump to the conclusion well its old the effects are terrible, acting is not good and that it is just women wearing tight clothes and yes they would be right. But I don't believe the people watching this when it came out thought it was something special they would still agree with the modern review in some cases. So what needs to be done to enjoy this show is to take it as it is don't get pedantic its unnecessary.

I was generally sad to give back the series as it is the type of show you can watch over and over again, So I made sure to order my own to add to my collection, I had positive things to say about it to my new friend we sat down and had another few beers chatting about where we had recognized Amanda Wyss from and how cool It was to see a younger Jamie Lee Curtis, And typically began to chat about other films through the 80's...but that’s for another time.

Check it out ;)