I become infatuated with the past at a young age even things way before my time. I'm a huge fan of pop culture in general, and I felt my first article on Retro Junk should be something I lived through and loved.

Though as you can see from the title of this article, I'm not going to go into the history of the Games. But something else, The Music. Which I have picked for Nostalgic reasons, the reason we are all on this site right now. This is for those of you who no longer own the consoles and games or just want a blast from the past.

Super Mario 64
I Begin with Super Mario 64 and the wonderful song that is Dire, Dire Docks I had to choose this first as to someone who loved this game as much as myself it makes me happy that I have such a recognisable and quite amazing song to connect it to. It has such a unique sound one you will all ways remember. I propose checking out all the songs.

On a slightly sad note you will see a fair few comments on this YouTube link in memory off Hiroshi Yamauchi who was president of Nintendo for about 53 years he passed away September 19, 2013. Koji Kondo composed the music for the game a man with a big following; He has composed for a huge number of games as well as the very successful Zelda series.

Sonic The Hedgehog 2
From the Sega Megadrive or to you Americans the Genesis. You may be wondering why I choose the second installment; this is because I really quite like the Chemical Plant Zone music. Yep you remember it! I must admit, it gets extremely irritating shockingly fast and is very cheesy...but what wasn't in the 90's?

The music was composed by Masato Nakamura bassist from K-Pop band Dreams Come True.

YouTube users have nicely labelled at what point each song is played if you care to pick a certain one you remember.

Resident Evil 2
This Next one may come as a slight surprise; it's slightly spookier yet much classier than my previous entry. This is from the Resident Evil 2 Soundtrack.

I am a fan of the RE Games and just recently felt the need to go back to them. It stunned me how much creepier the original games were than most modern games, one explanation of course being the music, as well as it being more of a puzzle based game.

The Music was composed by Masami Ueda; Shusaku Uchiyama and Shun Nishigaki. They all also worked on the Devil May Cry series.

Final Fantasy VI

The Final Fantasy Games have captured the hearts of millions this is due to many different aspects; one aspect being the music, this is indisputable check out Terra from FF VI. Another lovely piece of music guaranteed to help you relax or simply reflect too.

All Final fantasy games have been composed and arranged by Nobuo Uematsu who quite remarkably is a self taught musician. His work is frequently used during the Final Fantasy concerts and he has also taken part in Play! A Video Game Symphony.

These are just a few examples of video game music I individually enjoy, my motivation to write this small article is to get you to research some of your favourite games from the past and to check out their soundtracks.

If there is no game in particular you wish to check out I suggest listening to the London philharmonic orchestras “Best Video Game Music” album in which they cover music for the retro and modern gamer.