Oh man I cant believe the things I used make up on the insane topic Star Wars The Prequel Trilogy. I can vaguely remember when I read a aricle in a 1995 UK film magazine that had a special scoop on Star Wars Episode 1 which they reportedly called Star Wars: Begins which at the time I thought was pretty cool after all I was only 13 years of age. In this scoop there was details on a teaser trailer that had been leaked online and could only be viewed by entering a password that can only be found in the background image of the site in small text. Luckily for me they had exclusive stills of the trailer revealing the new Obi Wan and the new Anakin Skywalker. The new Obi Wan was revealed to be Kenneth Branagh who at the time was the top choice for Obi Wan and the new Anakin was revealed as Keanu Reeves who was also rumored for Anakin. At that moment in time my mind was blown and my heart was thumping mad. I stopped reading at quickly went down stairs and phoned my friend Tommy who too was Star wars mad. I told him to hurry to my house as he lived just around the corner and to be quick really quick. Only minutes later he would run into the house and we read on together. As I read on I noticed that there was a release date of May 1996 set and a large still of a poster that read a slightly redesigned logo and the word begins underneath with the bottom third of the poster reading coming back to your galaxy 1996. On the next page there was a quick plot that read "40 years before the Star wars , Jedi Knight Obi Wan Kenobi must stop the dreaded Clone Master and his clone warriors from taking over the bright center of the universe with the help of a young star pilot."
There was even a still of a clone warrior that I instantly fell in love with see below.

article image

It was then that me and my friend went straight upstairs and onto my families Mac and searched for the trailer as it would obviously have been boot legged by then. We found the best bootleg we could and was amazed when watching it because it looked so real. I soon bootlegged the bootleg and kept on a blank VHS tape and showed to all my other friends on friday night after watchin Robocop on VHS in the living room. We viewed the trailer with astonishment, just as I did before, and after that we discussed the characters, the setting and everything else. It was only until that winter that I found out that this was all lies and so the christmas of that year was not all fun.