They just launched the reveal for the next gen Microsoft “gaming” console and now that we have had a little more time to think and e3 is just around the corner, I have to say I'm pretty excited for the Xbox one. Despite their abysmal reveal, certain features have me very excited.

First I want to address my concerns about the system. My biggest issue is that this is an always online console. I believe you can only watch movies offline. The console will check for an internet connection every hour or so.

It really defeats the whole point of a gaming console in my opinion. You buy a console to play games on it everything else should just be additional features. So when a “gaming” console starts putting restrictions on how your allowed to access the main feature of the "gaming" system it makes no sense.

The fact that you wont be able to play games offline baffles the mind and makes it so, that the Xbox one, can not be called a “gaming” console because it obviously isn't one. So what is it? I guess we can call it "Super Tivo" that will play some awesome games. That's what everyone got out of the press conference right? Many saw this is a really bad thing. Gamers want a true "gaming" console, a plug and play, insert game here, and start playing. Where connecting the system online is a option not a requirement. Honestly, it looks like those days are pretty much gone I can almost assure you that we are moving into a future where that type of business model for a gaming console is absolute. Everyone is starting to whisper the words, "Digital Distribution" we are living in a very scary time to be that classic gamer. Changes are coming and Microsoft seems hell bent on be making sure that happens.

I believe Microsoft are targeting a smaller audience than they think. Microsoft believes they are targeting the mass public and they are very wrong. Americans spend more hours at work than they do anything else expect sleep. Do they really think the average American is going to buy an Xbox one, starting paying Xbox live gold, on top of their internet, cable, and phone bill just to improve how they view cable? But it plays games? So does very other device I own and it's either free or real cheap. They certainly cant be targeting the hardcore gamer, they've spoken and they are not very pleased at how many restrictions come with the purchase of very Xbox one console. Honestly, I really don't know who they are trying to appeal to because it seems that anyway you look at it everyone loses.

No backwards compatibility. Your telling me this "thing" can play dvds, blurays, and Xbox One games but, it can not play a Xbox 360 game. What am I supposed to do stack the Xbox One on top of the 360 that is already on top of my cable box, that is connected to the Xbox One with that tumor you guys call Kinect. All because they don't care about the consumer to add something that would be somewhat of a convenience to us. I bet it took them more effort in making it doesn't play 360 games, than the time it would have, to just go ahead and make backwards compatible.

However let's peel back a few layers and forget about the bad things Microsoft will impose on us you know like D.R.M, Kinect 2 requirement, and all the used game shady business. I wanna talk about the features that may make me overlook all that. Features like switching between games in an instant. Playing one game then switch to a another game without losing any progess. This may be nothing new to PC gamers but for console to have is a huge step forward. This feature isn't limited to games either, it includes switching from TV, internet explorer,and movies. It's an amazing feature, you can look up guides to help you n game or if you want to find secret areas it's there in an instant. No more will I have to pull out my phone to use it's crap web browser or go get my laptop. I love this idea.

I can see myself playing FIFA while I have my youtube 'music video' playlist in the background, just fried on my couch, and all in one system. No switching between laptop, phone and game controller. I really dig this feature and hope it's as functional as they say it'll be. Now I'm too not sure if sony is doing anything like this, I haven't heard anything too specific just that you can record and upload gameplay videos onto youtube which is brilliant, hats off to them for even considering the idea.

Now a feature I could really care less about is all the voice commands and hand gestures with the Kinect 2. "Bitch this isn't Minority Report." People are freaking out at another weird feature and requirement. Technically, the Xbox One is always on. When it is turned off, it just goes into a sort of sleep mode. This a strange feature because the Kinect 2 is required to be connected at all times. So it may create this feeling of constantly be watched. People have good reason to be sort of freaked out. A bit creepy to think that Microsoft employees can be watching you 24/7. A Microsoft new hire will be lounging back watching you through the Kinect. I say let them watch maybe they'll see people rage at their console when they can't play used games.

I will be writing a follow up comparing this launch to the Xbox 360 one. Also, I will compare features and innovation. Mainly I will focus on all the memories, the Xbox 360 has given me. The Xbox 360 guided my teenage years in it's 8 year and going life cycle. I've had so many good times with this thing. Years from now I will look back at the 360 and just be flooded with memories.