Any time is snack time! Sadly, many of our favorite culinary delights of the past, no longer exist. I will have vengeance on those responsible for the corporate axe!

Sorry, I'm calm now, here are ten things that I recall. Let's eat!

1. McDLT. The Big Mac can shove it. While other kids were ordering
Happy Meals, my young self always got this. Why did they get rid of it?

2. Hidden Treasures. Some pieces had filling, others didn't. It was a mystery in
every bowl!

3. Surge. Tasted like sludge, but oh so good sludge.

4. Josta. This stuff is memorable because it was nasty. The label was pretty cool, though.

5. PB Crisps. If anything needs to be reborn, it's these things.
Peanut butter inside a graham cookie shell. God forgive Planters
for ending them.

6. Handi Snacks. After school snacks didn't get any better than
crackers and cheese-like paste.

7. Twix. Yeah, they're still around, but once upon a time, they came in four flavors! The peanut butter survived the ax, but the cookies and cream was pretty excellent too.

8. Lunchables. Oh lordy, if you walked into the cafeteria with one of these bad boys, everyone
wanted to be your best buddy. It was almost as cool as having a Trapper Keeper!

9. Ecto Cooler. The ultimate beverage. I found it was best served with a side
of Teddy Grahams.

10. PB Max. Even today, I mourn for the loss of this candy treat. Mars made millions on this hunk of deliciousness, but they eventually discontinued it because they, the Mars family, didn't like
peanut butter. May they suffer horribly.

Honorable Mentions: Rice Krispie Treats Cereal, Crystal Pepsi.

Who's hungry? Thanks for reading.

~ TheOutlaw