She had it, the strongest, the powerful-est, most gracious African - American voice of the 1980's.

She was accompanied by Michael Jackson, an African - American icon of the 1980's, whom has passed in mid 2009.

Since then, there were few deaths of amazing icons, but not many people thought it would've came to another powerful and gracious voice had died.

Even before her passing, her voice had died. Who's to blame? Her uncontrollable drug addiction.

We've swayed and prayed our way out of this, but it just had seemed our prayers weren't as strong as we believed.

Whitney Houston, accompanying Michael Jackson arm in arm, hand in hand, in the glorious worry free place that we all want to join in.

Heaven, God's given creed. And we can all dream for the best for the rest, especially the future.

R.I.P Whitney Houston; 1963 - 2012.
R.I.P Michael Jackson; 1958 - 2009.

2 amazing 80's icons, gone.

Legends? Without a single doubt.