article imageGrowing up back in the 70's I had the pleasure of owning what I'll refer to as the "first-generation" of G.I. Joe toys. I say it was "first generation" because I'm unsure if there were G.I. Joe toys that pre-dated the ones that I had. Before I go any further, I should explain that the G.I. Joe figures - and accessories - that I had weren't the little ones like today . . .they were big and great fun! All you needed was a little imagination and some open floor space. (Luckily, I had both.)

I would like forward to Christmas morning with great anticipation to Christmas morning because I knew that "Santa" would leave me something new for my G.I. Joe collection at either my dad's home or my grandparent's home. Over the course of time, my collection grew to include: 1) Headquarters (reminded me of a futuristic control tower; 2) Desert training tower (where I first learned to set up a zip line); 3) Mobile command post; and 4)Mobile communications unit (looked similar to the vehicle in the picture at left). In addition, I had five of the full-sized action figures, a foot locker for all of the small accessories (weapons, different uniforms, and the like) as well as several of the adventure sets like scuba diving.

As I was saying above, all it took to have fun was a little imagination and some open space. Usually what I would do is start out in the living room floor and, as the adventure developed in my mind, I might expand it to include part of the dining room table or one seat on the sofa. To everybody else they saw a G.I. Joe action figure perched on the sofa but, in my mind, I saw this . . .

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I could go on and on about "Joe" and the good times that I had, but space just won't allow. Hope that you enjoy this look back to my childhood!