When i was a child, three major things occupied my time:

- school (which most kids hate)
- video entertainment (videogames, tv, and ocasionally movies)

- bodily games


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In my block, and almost any kid i remember now, wanted to be Pele.

For those of you who know little about soccer, Pele is a brazilian former player who is considered to be the greatest "futbolista" ever.

It was not a rare thing for parents to spend a lot of time with their kids playing at least one of this games. For many families their sunday plan was to set a mini soccer game or to make a bike excursion along the city.

Later, other sports and games came:

skating: some guys choose skateboards, other preferred online skates

dancing: honestly, most of the boys learned to dance just to get girls...

And it was not rare to see a kid whose parents inscribed him in karate or kung fu.

Then parents no longer shared physical activities with their now teen children, but parents usually gathered with other adults to play something (in my block, basketball and soccer were the preference among adults)

But those times felt different.

Back then cities were less crowded, adults and kids were less stressed, due in part to shorter working schedules and more time with family, and streets were a safer place to play.

Neighbours got along way easier than now.

And now, at least in my experience, kids and adults seem to be absort in their blackberries all the time.

I see the streets crawling with cars, but few people just playing.

Its been a while since the last time i saw a boy climbing a tree or a pack of adults roaming the streets in their bikes.

The closest thing i've seen is the usual morning jogger whose exercise looks more like army training and little fun.

So, with all the virtuality, cheaper and more portable tech, do you think that our body is becoming retro?

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