#10:Johnny Bravo
At some point,you had to start liking this cartoon if you grew up in the 90's,it was funny as hell,almost like a "How to NOT flirt for dummies" book.

#9:Batman Beyond
Even though we cant compare it to the original 90's Batman The Animated series,you gotta admit it was still interesting and awesome,i mean,they kept Bruce Wayne in it for some reason,right?

#8:Cow & Chicken
very good cartoon,I started hating i a bit when my mom started comparing me and my brother to them,but it was still a great cartoon,i had to back and watch it again.

#7:Cat Dog
Genius. Only a genius could come up with this cartoon,well not really but a great show none the less.

Maybe its just me,but for some reason i see gargoyles as one of the most underrated cartoons of the 90's,but it was just insane how they freaked me out when i was a kid,they were such a thrill i could not stop watching.

#5:Biker Mice From Mars
They were the meanest,coolest,most awesome baddest chopper riding cartoons from the 90's,might be one of the reasons why i am so much in to motorcycles and leather jackets that scream thrash metal.

#4:Street Sharks:
Such a good cartoon,just shows how much more violent and awesome cartoons were in the 90's.Unlike cartoons today Sharks and other action cartoons from the 90's had more of a story to tell.

Most people,or kids i should say,in the 90's liked X-men because of wolverine or Gambit not me,for some reason the giant Sentinels were the most awesome creation in the cartoon for me,i wonder if their is anyone else who thinks the same.

I know some people might be upset because he Animaniacs made it to the list but pinky and the brain did not,don't get me wrong its a great cartoon,but the Animaniacs kicked ass in a whole other level,its crazy.
Besides,that one nurse was freaken HOT!!

#1:Batman The Animated Series
The theme,the characters,the stories,the villains,the darkness.The greatest cartoon of all times,hands down i know a lot may and will disagree but this series was incredibly well done,that sometimes i wondered if it was for kids or teens and even though we rooted for our favorite bad guy,what kid didn't want to be Bruce Wayne?
After all..
He is a legend now...