Our Very Own Sandlot

This read won't contain a whole lot of pictures or video's but more or less memories of a great time from my child hood. Before I moved to the place I consider my hometown. I lived in a neighborhood in Lexington, Ky. between the ages of 7 and 12. While living there I went through alot of changes in my life. I made quite of few friends who left lasting impressions on my life as well as going through the death of my grandmother whom I was very close to.

This story really only revolves around one thing. In my neighborhood I was considered to have the best view of all because I lived right next door to the field aka our sandlot. Everyday after school I would have the chance to watch the big kids come over and play baseball on a daily basis. We even had our own beast the only difference was that our beast came in the form of an old lady. I can't quite remember her name so we will just call her the dragon.
This field was only second to TGIF nights on ABC article image and Saturday Morning Cartoons. article imagearticle image Everyday the big kids would come over and play baseball only to have the dragon come out of her house and start telling them to get out of the field. Now at this time I was about 7 to 8 years old and was not allowed out of my yard but this is where the great view came in. I lived right next door so I was able to catch every baseball game that went on not to mention fights that broke out due to bad calls and the dragon coming out her house to raise hell about the kids playing in the field.Now that I am older I realize that the lady was just a watchful eye for the out of town owners of the property but we still thought she was just a cranky mean old bitch who hated kids.
Well the Years would pass and game after game went by until the big kids had finally gained their driver's license and had better things to do than play baseball in an empty lot everyday. I was finally considered one of the big kids (I was 9 or 10) and was allowed to get my feet planted on the sacred grounds of the field.

My friends and I would get over there every afternoon and have wrestling matches or football games. There was a kid who loved up the street and he was obsessed with the civil war so sometimes we would all be over there renacting the battle of gettysburg or whatever evlse we could come up with. Everyday there was something going on in the field and with out fail everyday the dragon made her way out of her house to rant and rave about us being on the property. We would wind up in shouting matches with the dragon trying to state our case to the mean old hag. Even my dad was on our side and tried to plea with the dragon. After all we were just kids. I don't believe she hated us though because the law was never called.
Anyway, every afternoon we were there without fail even in the winter time. Which made for some awesome snowball fights. The man that came to cut the grass in the summer would alot of times wait until the grass was almost as tall as us kids were. That made for alot of great hide and seek games.
Living right next door to the field gave me the easiest access of all and my cousins that would come over to spend the night I always felt envied us for having such an awesome area to play and do what we wanted. I remember my friend Brandon bringing over his wrestling ring and we would sit right in the middle of the field and play with his wrestlers and ring while we ate pizza and just chilled there. That only happened once that I can remember but for some reason that memory sticks out in my mind more than any others.
Also there were fields and woods behind the field and sometimes my parents would take us walking back there in the woods which was fun or my friends dad would take their dogs back there to run and my parents would let us go with them. Back then the only worries we had were Saturday morning cartoons, toys, school, and the Field. Now I know this story just turned out to be random thoughts about a place near and dear to my heart but these thoughts reflect on a huge part of my life that I feel is still impacted by a field that is no longer there.
What I mean by no longer there is, the huge lot was sold by the owners soon after I moved. There is now 3 houses there instead of the field. I always thought it would always be there but we were the last generation of kids to be impacted by these sacred grounds. This place may be buried under the houses that now stand in its place but the field aka our sandlot and all the fun we had there will forever live on in my heart.