Today I ran across my old journal from middle school, and it got me to thinking about one of the best Christmases' ever!
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It was the Christmas of 1991, and all I could think about was one thing….
Can you guess what that is?
Here is a clue:article image
I had been dropping hints about what I wanted for quite some time, and I remember discovering a package in my father's truck months before Christmas (I had searched everywhere). Unfortunately my parents found out, and I was told they would be taking it back; I was so anxious and nervous.article image
On Christmas eve I can remember having a very hard time falling asleep. I felt as if I had forgotten how to go to sleep, and to make matters worse I had an even worse time staying asleep(I must of woke up 2 or 3 times during the course of the night.

7 a.m. finally rolled around, and my brother, sister and I were allowed to go in the living room and open presents. There seemed to be beautifully wrapped presents everywhere.
My brother received some micro machines and motorized cars you could modify with different tires and motors, etc. (the name escapes me at the moment) article image
My sister got some ballerina dress up stuff, some Barbie's, and the Barbie dream house! article image
I received a super soaker, and rollerblades!!!
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But still no super Nintendo, that is until my dad began to open up his presents. And wouldn't you know he had given it to himself (I was told he did this to keep any one of us from hogging it all to ourselves). My brother and I went nutts, I began to hook it up right away and shocked myself in the process! article image
I was so excited; I had been drooling over this for quite some time after seeing it in all its glory on display in Wal-mart. article image I still remember waiting in line to play it there, and on top of that they had a new super Mario world cartoon show on Saturday morning. It was now in my procession, and I finally had some relief.
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After going outside and playing with my friends in the neighborhood (I had to rollerblade for a while, after all, a bunch of kids got rollerblades that year). I went back inside with my brother, and to our surprise my parents saved us another present to open, we shredded the package open to find that we each received super Nintendo games.
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I received Act raiser, and my brother had ultra-man, article imagewhich we later exchanged for final fight.
Christmas of 1991 had been a success!!! I finally had a super Nintendo 16-bit system.