Well, Where do I begin? I was born in Oklahoma City, OK, but adopted by my aunt(cause my dad left)I am the youngest and, the only boy in both my adopted, and biological family. I have two sisters(also two sisters in my biological family) I never knew my biological mom,dad, or sisters growing up, and I hated it. I never really felt like my adopted family was my true family,so I wasent always sociable with them all the time.(but I knew that they loved me like their own) I dont remember alot when I was young, but 5 and up I do, so lets start there. When I was 5 I was introduced to the NES. My dad was in the attic getting down our summer clothes, when he stumbled upon a big brown box. He brought it down to see what was inside. And there it was, THE HOLY GRAIL itself...the NES! Before I could get a good look at it my sisters(being 11&9 years older than me) grabbed it from my dad, and hooked it up in my room. My sister blew into the old, dusty, cartridge, and then the Legend of Zelda popped on the screen. When I saw all that color, and I heard that catchy tune, I knew that this would be something that would change my life forever. I was sssooo addicted to it, that was like the only thing that mattered to me at that point in life.(some of my favorite NES games are Super mario bros1,2,and3, Contra, Punch out, Metal gear, Mega man) But it wasent until I went to my sister's boyfriend's house in 97' that I experience something that would not just mold me into a gamer,but into a person as well. The N64! He had all the hits(that had come out at that time)but dident get my N64 til Christmas of 98'. I had your typical N64 collection (Super mario 64, Mario kart 64,and Star fox 64 things like that)But My sister bought me LoZ:Ocarina of Time.(my favorite)Me and my sister would play that game all day and all night,but when it came to having friends come over we would always play GOLDENEYE! I remember when my best friend came over for Thanksgiving morning, and we played from the time he got there, til the time he left that night around 11. Like I said, all I have are sisters, so when my sister's boyfriend would come over, thats what we would play.The N64 had alot of other great games, but these 2 games hold a special place in my heart,because they remind me of the good times in life,and good old fashioned bounding. I never own a PS1, but my friend did. So when I went to his house we would play his great collection of PS1 games.(Spyro, Resident evil 1&2, Rayman, Coolboarders 3, And bunches of other PS1 classics.)I got into sony more when I got my PS2. The N64 and PS1 had great, wounderful, epic games(as did the Dreamcast) In my opinion I think that fighting over which console is better is worthless. Because gaming (to me) is, and should be about the passion, the love, the experiences, and the great memories that we have about them.