It's That time of year again Halloween is upon us.

I love Halloween for many different reasons for one the weather. I love the cold and here in Maryland we get a good amount of cold. Fall is starting to set in the leaves start to fall orange brown, it's amazing. People start putting up their scary decorations and start stocking up for the big day.

October aways puts me in a good mood no matter what. When i was younger October was better than Christmas, i always look forward to Trick or treating and never disappointed with the outcome.

Another fav thing for me was all the scary movies that would come TV i looked forward to seeing all the Halloweens even "Halloween III", all the Friday the 13ths, Nightmares on Elm st. etc. And of course all the halloween speacils of my favorite shows. Which for whatever reason they dont do as much today.

Now that im older it's all diferent well for the most part. For one no more trick or treating even if i still wanted to there is no way my friends would let me live it down. And now i don't get as scared as i used when watch the classic slashers and cant watch them on TV because of the no gore thing which is the point of a slasher.

Now and days Halloween for me is all parties not custome ones ethier and thats all good and dandy, but i wish i could go back when i was 13 on October 31st for one last time sake.