Now, I know quite a bit of you can relate to me, and that quite a bit cannot, but let me tell you something. 1998 - 2001 were the best freaking years of my life. And that's saying something considering I was born in the mid '90s. But as a toddler, I was always interested in these games.

The first one I came in contact with was the original, the one and only, Sony Playstation. It was, alas, a handmedown from my older, not as wiser cousin, whom gave it to me when he got interested in Nintendo and their N64 (more on that later). It occurred to me early on that this was a used, old "toy", if you will, but nonetheless, it was my second video game console, and that's all that mattered (my first was an SNES with a missing top of the case, also, yes, I still have both of these and the other consoles mentioned in this article unless stated otherwise). After awhile, I decided to go ahead and buy a game for it. That game happened to be "Crash Bandicoot 2". Yeah, I never got the first one and have never played it either. Doesn't look too much fun after had playing both 2 and 3. Ah well... ahem, moving

I got this one in 2000. I was 6 years old (Yes, I played and beat the second Crash when I was 5. Get over it), and under that faithful Christmas tree was that black 64-bit prism that made my day! I feel sad that I wasn't there when it was released in 1996, but it was fun, either way. Obviously, the first game I got was the pack-in game, Super Mario 64. It was a really enjoyable game, but it wasn't THAT good, especially by today's standards. It kept me entertained, to say the least. After awhile of beating SM64 too many times to count, I got bored and asked my dad if I could buy another game, and he decided to get me one! Some luck there, I might add!
Okay, so after we got back from the store, I snagged my own copy of "Super Smash Bros."! Talk about badass! That, and the only multiplayer games I owned were Twisted Metal and Super Bomberman 2. I needed a fighting game in my collection, and Super Smash Bros lived up to it's name! A compilation of 12 Nintendo stars fighting against each other and a giant hand? Total boss, man! Really fun multiplayer, too!

Welp, that's all for now, kiddies! Fist article, done! Check out for part 2, in which I describe the top 10 fifth gen games, shed some light on the Sega Saturn, and show you what the 5th gen has done to today's video game. See you later! Hope you like it!