Hello and welcome to my top 6 nightmare on elm st. movies now when i was a little kid freddy haunted my dreams until i was 7 or 8 i figured out that freddy wasn't real now some of my picks will be easy to know because some people will agree with me and some will disagree and this is just my opion of the movies that how i put them in order.

6. a nightmare on elm st. part 5

Yes alot of people seen this comeing that part 5 would be the last and some people think this is the best but i think it was the worst and that doesn't mean that its bad that means that i diden't like it as much as the others now i really love the nightmare on elm st movies but this one more comedy and less horror and that is why it is number 6 on my list.

5. a nightmare on elm st. part 2

Now most you are thinking WHAT a nightmare on elm st part 2 was the best but for me it was number 5 but i still love it by now u know witch one is going to be number 1 but no spoilers.Now why did i put this at number 5 it was because i liked the next 4 better and the best sence was when freddy came out from the sewer sort of thing and crashed the pool party that was awesome.

4.a nightmare on elm st part 4

this one was hard to decide and i was thinking witch one is better part 4 or 2 well i liked 4 better i dont know why though i just thought 4 was a better movie.Now why did i put this at number 4 it was because i liked it but not as much as the next 3.