Back in 1998 when I was around 3 or 4. I was at this sandys house for 3 days. on the final day we were playing Donkey Kong country and when we left We got our Super Nintendo! Sandy had 2 so she gave one of hers to us.

The first game we got maybe was Super Mario World

It was a very great game. When me and my brother were playing it I was always luigi.

Next on this article is Top Gear

Top gear was a decent racing game. Its been a while since I played that game. I dont even remember what car i always choose.

And we have frogger

Sorry i could find the box art pic. :(

We got it from mcvans and I remember playing it in my parents room.

And we have the mighty morphin power rangers

That game kicked so much ass!

We got it from mcvans too. When my brother got to the megazord part, that was the end of game for him. I always played as billy (Blue ranger)

There was even a fighting edition that I rented.

And once again that we got from mcvans. was a really hard game that me and my brother played. Batman forever.

This also was a really awsome game.
Disneys aladin!!!!

This we also rented was toy story

This game I couldn't figure out what to do.

This i remember my mom playing is the lion king.

This was awfuly boring.

This I left behind when I was moving. :(


Sorry I couldn't find the box art to that one either.

This could not be beaten. Spiderman and the Xmen arcades revenge.

This I got from Toys R' Us

Xmen Mountant Apocalypse

And last but not least! Is a very terrible game I got from mcvans!

Super return of the jedi

I never passed the first level the first time.
But then when I did on the second level. that was the end. :(