It's been a long time for me since my last article. It's not that I haven't wanted to write, I've not had the time. Which is Alteredbeast talk for, "I've been lazy." Anywho, I've had this idea for quite some time and finally got around to organizing my thoughts. I tried to come up with more examples, but didn't do so well. But one of my favorite things about this place is hearing other people's memories. Sometimes they spark something in me that was long lost, and the feeling of that memory coming back well, it's like getting part of my childhood back. I suppose that a little information about what this article is about is called for. "Real Life Power Ups" are the things I used as a child that gave me superpowers. I work with small children and am still in awe with the imagination of the young. That is what I have tried to recapture and share with you. Let's begin.

First of all, I have an older sister so I feel it's okay to tell you that I've seen "Rainbow Bright and the Star Stealer." She made me watch it. Ah who am I kidding? I loved the movie. To be completely honest, I watched it on youtube not that long ago. If you remember this movie, don't lie, you do. If you remember there is a boy character named Krys.

He is given a wrist laser that may be one of the coolest weapons of all time, you can just barely make it out on his right wrist. Not to mention he had a super cool flying rocket horse, but that's besides the point. Holy crap did I want a wrist laser! But my parents said no since the incident with the family dog and exploding toothpaste they gave me. Whatever. So I had to improvise. I did not have a wrist laser, but I did have a sweet triceratops hand stamp. Remember hand stamps? This one was pretty cool. It was just a small light blue box that had self containing red ink inside. There was a small handle you used to pull out the stamp and presto! Instant wrist laser. I had a red triceratops on one if not both of my wrists forever.

Ok, so it's not a triceratops, there was only me, and I didn't have hair on my arm yet but it's the best picture I could find. I'd press down on my laser while pointing my fist at my foe (normally the dog poor guy) and make a Brrrruuuuuuu sound. Once I had gone Star Stealer mode you best watch out buddy, no one messes with a wrist laser.

But most video game power ups were something that you ingested. Since I was 7 and my time of consuming magic mushrooms was years away, I had to improvise yet again. I'm sure everyone had their favorite candy that would morph them into a super hero, all for different reasons. My favorite power up was Tic Tacs. For a couple of reasons. First of all, I love the small container they come in with that nifty little flap top opener. And their shape. Tic Tacs just look like power producing pellets. Remember Roger Ramjet and his atomic bomb pill?

Looks a lot like a Tic Tac doesn't it? My favorite flavor was, and still is white. I love the initial flavor on your tongue. It's not quite mint yet still sweet before the peppermint kicks in. I'll always remember that distinct taste although I can't describe it. So armed with my power ups, I'd roam my streets looking for bad guys (poor dog) and get them with my super strength. As a positive side note, I was also the super hero with the nicest smelling breath. My parents were also more likely to buy them, since they didn't quite count as candy. Only 1 calorie, if my memory serves me right. So those were my main source of power, but there was one more added bonus of using Tic Tacs.

The container itself. Ever drink water out of the white Tic Tac container once it was empty? Do it! It tastes really good. Kids love small secret things, especially when you find a completely different use for them. Now instead of a pellet, I had a secret potion that gave me my powers. And because of the design, the container was mostly water proof, mostly. Securely tucked away in my jeans pocket, I could pull out my potion when I needed an extra boost climbing a tree, sprinting down the street, and very occasionally, when I was just thirsty.

Well that's about it. Like I said before I wish I could remember more examples of things I used. I'm sure you get the idea though. I love hearing about other people's childhoods too. So if this sparked something in you, please share it. Hope you enjoyed!