Now to continue off where i started on showing movies with unconventional vampires and proof that the ones in Twilight aren't the only vampires to be unusual.

The Forsaken (2001): This guilty pleasure offers vampirism as a disease. Here the vampires require no fangs but rather sharp as razor blades teeth instead that could puncture you. The infection can give a person Psychic powers that can see other vampires.

Let The Right One In (2008): Splendid modern classic that is the century's best vampire movie. Here the vampires are portrayed as creatures who hang out during unsunny snowy days in Sweden, they have no fangs but sharp teeth instead to puncture then infect people and can burn in the sunlight.

Blade 2 (2002): A special unique kind of vampire created by science. This sort of vampire has multi teeth with parasitic urges that feeds on both humans and vampires alike, sort of bisexual but not in a sexual way. Stakes and objects don't do jack squat to these vampires but only sunlight and silver can kill these creatures.

Innocent Blood (1992): Overlooked Landis cult fave! Sexy French vampire invades Pittsberg and turns some of the mafia into vampires. Here the vampires cast reflections in mirrors, they have different eye colors, no fangs but sharp regular teeth and do turn to ash in the sunlight like traditional vampires.

Ravenous (1999): Not a vampire movie you say? well this movie is based on Wendigo vampire legends of Native-American/Canadian lore. In legends a Wendigo is a spirit that can bring the dead back to life as either a zombie-like ghoul, a werewolf or werecouger or werebear or a cannibalistic vampire that can spread vampirism through cannibalism at the same time.

Lair of the White Worm (1988): Bizarre cult horror fantasy fave from Chuck Russell. This one has snake-vampire creatures especially a rich vampiric lady as they don't burn in the sunlight yet have snake fangs to put poison in people then suck their blood and turn them into snake vampires. It's considered that these snake vampires worship a Dragon-worm creature that was considered to be the cause of the vampire legends.

To be concluded later.