Hello Retrojunkers, I have been a long time visitor to this website and read a lot of awesome articles. So it inspired me to share a memory with all of you. I never read an article that had a bad experience so I thought I would share one about my first time going to a wrestling show. Unfortunately it was not WWE Raw (WWF Raw is War at the time), but it was WCW Nitro. Although the WWE didn't come to West Virginia very much but it was better than nothing. Before getting tickets to Nitro, I was mostly watching Raw since Austin became the face of the WWF and I stopped watching WCW. I tried to follow WCW again but it was not as good as I first started watching it and gave up following it. After waiting for nearly a month, my brother, my dad, my grandpa, and myself finally got to go see Nitro live at Charleston. At the time, I thought it was a great show but looking back now it was horrible to say the least. I don't remember everything that happened on that episode but here is what remembered. Some of the matches were decent but the storylines were just ridiculous. If you read the Death of WCW (which is a must read for huge wrestling fans) or followed the final year of WCW, you'll know what I'm talking about. So anyways, 3 Count, which is a cruiserweight boy band tag team faced off against the Jung Dragons which was a pretty exciting match because of the high flying moves. Then after 3 Count got the victory, they performed their so called "hit single" with Tank Abbott dancing with them. The next match was a hardcore match with the hardcore legend himself Terry Funk versus Johnny the Bull. I don't remember who won the match but I do remember Funk put up a heck of a fight for as old as he is. If I remember correctly, Russo wanted the wrestlers to execute more risky moves, and Johnny the Bull was a prime example by doing a flying leg drop off the top rope and into the ground. This incident resulted to a torn urethra. The next thing I remembered was Jeff Jarrett coming out to the ring cutting a promo on something not worth memorable. It must have been so bad that my head went blank or something during his promo. Then, Booker T (little did I know became the WCW World Heavyweight Champion on the upcoming Bash at the Beach) faced off against The Franchise Shane Douglas which was a good match that Booker T won. Ms. Hancock or which we know her by as her real name Stacy Keibler came out and did an interesting interview if you what I mean. I think she stole the show to be honest. Then there was a tag team match Juventude Guerrera and Rey Mysterio vs Kidman and Lance Storm which was his debut at WCW. I dont remember who won that match. And finally the main event for the night was a battle royal match with Kevin Nash basically burying most of the young WCW roster. The match made absolutely no sense whatsoever. I thought in a battle royal match you had to throw your opponent over the top rope and onto the ground. But apparently in this case, Kevin Nash had to just powerbomb and/or pin every wrestler to win the match. And I'm not making this up either this really happened. As a matter of fact copy this link and watch the match for yourself http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohGX2-tcI8c It was the worst battle royal I have ever seen in my life. So that was my experience watching the death of a wrestling promotion that almost killed the WWF/E but eventually killed themselves to an extent. Now I know that, there many other causes of WCW's death but witnessing that live was credible enough to be a major cause. Well fellow retrojunkers, I hope you enjoyed reading my article and please comment and/or critique so that I can improve writing more articles.