I was day-dreaming about they are opening a Animaniacs Store called "Animaniacs Mechendice" on Grove Avenue next door of St. Cathrine's Private School that was used 2 be is Animal Crakers Nursery Store. I wish they had all ANIMANIACS stuff not Mickey Mouse or Spongebob nor Hello Kitty, can't be true! Can't be just Pinky and Brain, It's must also be with Yakko, Wakko, & Dot! READ & LOOK BELOW!!!

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Oooohhhh!! Does theese dolls Cute?
Fave(Score) me 20 points if they look cute
every minute!

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OMG!! It's So Rare that is almost doe
not exist really! Haha! Fave if u think
u can't get it but in Ebay!

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This is Like an MGM cartoon like
Tom & Jerry or Droopy! Look at this!
Fave if is Like a Tom & jerry Cartoons or any
other MGM cartoon!

article image
Hahaha! Another MGM-Sandartstudio Cartoon
framed like nothing like WB but if is like Bugs Bunny!
Fvae 4 30 points if is like an MGM cartoon!

One More!

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JUST like a piece of Dead Man's Rich Junk!
I went to the Science Museum and went to the ocean areo and i saw pieces of Dead Man's Junk and its like this junk of Animaniacs! Hahahaha!! Include the Pop-Up Toaster Oven! Hahahha!! Fave if u think its like Rich Junk! Like 50 faves! That's All!