hi retrojunkies. i'm going to tell you some stuff that happend to me when i was a kid that might hopefully intreast you.here is one of my childhood experences.

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oh yeah.it was a hot sunny afternoon. i got bored so i gathered a couple of freinds to go the BMX track with me.

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so i went there and we did some jumps and had fun. we told this kid called barry to go to the store to get some drink's for us all i gave him the my money and let him borrow my bike to go there (big mistake!)

we were messing around for a while then a stray dog (it looked a bit less droopy than in the picture). come's running for us.every one else rides away.i left with no bike has to think fast so i run for a a big stick i go to pick it up THEN snap the dog has latched on to my arm.

so i grab the stick with my other hand and start bashing it in the face it lets go and runs for some one else, barry who just came back he sees and rides away. the dog go's after him.

while that was happening i look down and see that my flesh is showing it looked like a mini brain in my arm. i got myself up and picked up the stick just incase. i walked out of the BMX track and walked on the street. got back to my house where every body was waiting (including barry).they saw my arm and my granma came out got me to a doctor. the doc sewed me up. then all was fine.i still have the scar to this very day.it looks like a smiley face