This is quite possibly the worst cartoon ever created in the '70s. It looks like it was made in the 30s and was colorized by a bunch of primates. Drawn by some guy with a bad hand, here is "Puss In Boots."

Puss in Boots is a purple cat. Some guy saves Puss's kittens with his bagpipe so they become friends.
That got the partnership going, now for the real story.

So they go out to fight the ogre. A bunch of cel mistakes in the trip to the ogre's lair.

The guy just walked off the cliff! Oh wait, no he didn't.

To make falling and climbing, they use the same cel and move the background. The guy's bagpipe falls
without moving, and Puss & the kittens magically float up to the top of the cave just by putting themselves in a climbing pose. The guy goes into the ogre's cave, and the ogre uses pink perfume to shrink him into a yellow bird. The ogre puts him in a birdcage with a white bird with a crown on her head. The princess perhaps? The ogre is so happy, he bounces around on his butt. Don't believe me? Look.

And a definite nightmare-making picture of the ogre:

The kittens lower Puss in Boots and themselves into the ogre's lair from a hole in the top and run into a mousehole. Puss taunts the ogre "You're too big and fat/for a hole like that/don't you wish you could be a rat?" And then the unimaginable happens. The ogre is so stupid, he uses his pink perfume to change himself into a rat. Puss easily catches the rat and use the pink perfume to change the birds back into a human guy and human princess. They make out.

And, the best part of this cartoon:

This cartoon was made in 1971, and put out on the wonderful newly affordable invention of the VHS tape back in 1985.