Astro Boy is the tale of a robot child built in the image of Toby, Dr. Tenma's deceased son. Unfortunately, due to being mechanical, Astro wasn't able to grow taller. Plus, he was clumsy, and Tenma couldn't take it anymore. Astro ran away and ends up being kidnapped by Hamegg, a wicked ringmaster of a robot circus. Eventually, Dr. Elefun, a kind scientist, rescues Astro, gives him shelter, parents, and a plucky little sister, Uran. Astro also makes friends at a human school, where the kids didn't really take to him at first, but when they were on a rollercoaster that went haywire, Astro saved them, and they warm up to him.

If Astro Boy never existed, the entire world would never have had great anime such as:

The Dragon Ball series

Ranma 1/2

Sailor Moon


To name a few, and that includes movies by Hayao Miyazaki.

Also, if Astro Boy never existed, Mega Man wouldn't exist, either.

Originally, the first Mega Man game back in 1987 was intended to be an Astro Boy game, but there were complications, so Mega Man just popped in the heads of the people working on the game.

Because of that fact, I even made a picture of Astro and Mega together, as shown in the address to it:

(Atom and Rock are the respective Japanese names of Astro Boy and Mega Man)

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