Note:I will do my best with spelling but don't expect much in terms of grammar and punctuation. Alright now let's play some video games.

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The Legend of Zelda: Majora's mask is often considered the true black sheep of the Zelda series however in this review we'll be taking a much closer look at what I think is in all honesty the best that the franchise has to offer.

Let's start with the storyline:
As a direct sequel to Ocarina of time the game picks up right where we left off as link leaves his homeland of Hyrule in search of an old friend.
As Link and his horse Epona make their way through the lost woods two small fairies jump out in front of Epona startling her which knocks Link of her back and renders him unconscious.
A small skull kid wearing a strange mask walks forward out of the fog and begins to search Link's body, finding his Ocarina the skull kid begins to play it....badly.

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The sound was so horrid that it woke Link up who upon seeing the skull kid with his Ocarina quickly decides to grab him, how ever the skull kid expected this and jumped from links grasp, onto Epona again startling the poor horse which decides it has had enough and bolts with skull kid still riding on it....

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Nigga stole mah horse!(Gonna get killed for that...)

Link chases after the skull kid and a whole new adventure begins.....

In terms of game-play there isn't that big a difference between this game and it's predecessor, what makes this game unique however is the usage of masks.
Each and every one you collect has an interesting quirk to it.
The blast mask acting as a makeshift bomb.
The Great Fairy's mask working as a sort of magnet to attract stray fairies in the games dungeons.
The Deku/Goron/Zora/Fierce Deity masks transforming Link into various other creatures.
This game also introduces a time limit giving you three days (72 minutes real time) to complete any objectives you had planned.
This part of the game is often criticized as it weakest point but I for one think it's a fantastic idea and provides a good challenge.

This game's engine is the same one used for Ocarina of Time but thanks to the ram-pak expansion updates the graphical quality greatly.
My favorite part of the updated graphics is Link finally having a belt strap for his sword's sheath instead of it just magically sticking to his back.

Like Ocarina of time this game places a strong focus on music.
Link will once again use his Ocarina to play various songs each having it's own unique effect on the world around him.
But as for the game's actual score, it's phenomenal.
The opening songs' slow and distorted feel is amongst the best I've ever heard, back it up with an unsettling laugh from the Happy mask salesmen and you've got yourself a masterpiece.
Termina field's theme is equally as great with it's quite trombone playing the Zelda theme as birds chirp, it creates a great mood and is a nice change of pace over Hyrule field's thumping anthem.

Now let's wrap this up with my top five moments:

5.The skull kid cursing Link to become a deku scrub.
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4.The island that reveals itself as a giant turtle.
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3.I've got five words for you:Aliens in a Zelda game.
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2.Summoning the four giants.
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1.Wearing the Fierce deity's mask for the first time.
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This game gets a ten out of ten from me, and I recommend you play it if you're a Zelda fan.

Note:Again sorry about the grammar but I'm more interested in your thoughts about this game as apposed to hearing crap I've already apologized for.[/text]