For whatever reason society has deemed it necessary to tell us adults to let go of our youths (pasts) and only trudge in to the future. I, myself lived by this belief throughout my twenties, and not that I have any regrets for maturing and letting go of being a child; but in my thirties I am rediscovering the joy of reclaiming aspects of my childhood and adolescence. The late spring smells around 3:30pm which is the time I would be walking home from school. The gentle hum of post-bus ride teen chatter; the sound the wind makes as it passes through the trees… Catching reruns of Gargoyles on Boomerang helps a lot to reconnect to the moments that shaped me into the man that I am today.

Sure, maturing is a beautiful thing… but also there is something beautiful about a time period in life when our only responsibilities were relegated to a household and its chores. As adults, especially those of us who are parents with jobs; we need to be reminded at times that once we were free and fanciful little times who held Christmas and birthday dreams of electronic splendor quenched only by the opening of a black block with the words Super Nintendo inscribed on it; or the otherwise random pairing of the letters PXL-2000 written in blue. For some it was all the promises of the year 2000 toys and electronics could muster up in the form of etch-a-sketch animators 2000 and other toys that carried the suffix.

When budgeting in work slacks becomes a part of the hunting and gathering process, picking up a copy of New Super Mario Bros. Wii is a little less sweet than the hunting and gathering process of our youth. Whether it was returning home with grass-stained sneakers and a wad of Andrew Jackson emblazoned grass-cutting booty, or simply asking mom and dad for an advance on our allowances; the lack of concern for other cares of life made all of the swag we gathered as kids all the sweeter.

Even the simplicity of the items of our youth was sweet. Before our video game characters were hexagonal/polygonal laser-captured renderings of our cultural heroes, we were content with two buttons and 8-bits of graphics. Dolls scarcely talked, and we didn't mind. Playing with friends held the beauty of regional restrictions as on-line play was only something that Duck Dogers could imagine.

Simply put, I am a very happy and fulfilled adult with a great family and wonderful career. Even that cannot erase from me the desire to recapture moments from my youth. Widget the World Watcher before school, Animaniacs after school, a slew of cartoons on Saturday morning and my brother and I watching summer marathons of Quantum Leap on the USA Network. Man, childhood was great and that is why I find so appealing. Just being able to see the intro to Duck Tales as I head off to lunch, or an old NES commercial reminds me of why I am what I am and why I do what I do. It's great!

Sure, we cannot go back in time as time only marches forward at the steady beat of one second per second; but I urge the others of you here on to do what you can to keep those moments of your youth alive within you. Me, I purchased a catalogue of my favorite video games of the 90s, and since I am too busy to trade football cards, games, and other retro junk that I own; I built to allow me to sill meet new friends and trade retro swag as a way to keep that measure of fun alive in my life. What will you do to keep those things from your youth alive? Whatever it is... start today and do it!