Hi everybody! Ever gone camping and realised how much you miss the wonders of television, video games, and other wonders? Then I have a cure for you! I'm going to teach you how to camp without the hassle of actually camping, this is best done in the garden unless you like pointless camping trips.

Step One : Think Location and Time
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An important thing to look at is where you will set your tent up and when, for example if you want power you will want to be close to a shed with a plug (that's what I did) and is the land flat enough to set up a tent on and will rain get in, should you set up a matt inside? Also keep in mind that you should pick a nice time of year and preferably a day that the weather forecast says won't rain but pick a flat or high up piece of land in case.

Step Two : Think Big
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When you're thinking of a tent you don't want a skimpy little thing where you have to get into the foetal position to avoid tearing down the walls, no leave those for the homeless. My recommendation is a trailer tent, you'll hate having to set it up but you'll love the luxury of having a solid floor and bedding areas as well as smelling the grass. Make sure the tent extends to a point where you can fit in a picnic table and maybe a mini-fridge in a grassy area.

Step Three : Think Small
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Now that you have more room than a fold-out tent don't abuse the extra space, do you really need a cooker if you're going to eat snacks? As technology progresses you can buy smaller gadgets to fit in your tent, so unless you want to keep it retro, I would try that out. Remember that collections of some things take up less space then all of those things separately (like having the Super Mario All Stars SNES cartridge is smaller than having all 4 different game cartridges or having a collectors edition of a DVD like The Nightmare on Elm Street series is smaller than having 7 DVD cases).

Step Four : Think Company
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Keep in mind camping is no fun alone, invite a few friends round or if you have a sibling invite a friend each. Make sure you can accommodate food and drink for everyone. Also remember that everyone has different tastes so run through your selection of entertainment to make sure everyone is happy with the Magazines/Videos/Games you have in mind.

Step Five : Think Entertainment
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Like mentioned before entertainment is the key to a fun sleep-over so try and get one of these media players.
I don't think this is the exact same as the one I have but it has even more features, you can play DVDs on it, watch TV on it, play radio on it, put any media on a USB stick or SD card and play it on here and my favourite you can play games on it, you put NES games on the USB stick and you can play them with the controller. I've yet to find out if it can actually save NES games but if you want to do that you can bring any games console that use an Aeriel lead out put into the screen and play on that. You can even bring a video player if you can find the space.
If you lack a good DVD or Video movie rental stores are useful or you could ask a friend to bring stuff you're missing free of charge.

Step Six : Think Refreshments
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Refreshments are important I would recommend a big bottle of any fizzy drink and some snacks you can put in a bowl (such as popcorn) remember variety and checking if your guests like the refreshments are important.
I would get one or two of the following:

What I did
I set up a trailer tent next to the shed in my garden that way I could use an multi-outlet extension cord to plug in a small heater to use in the bed chamber (the zip-up door stops the wind claiming the heat) and my best friend, me, my sister and her best friend all started watching horror flicks (the Nightmare on Elm Street movies and Freddy VS Jason) at night on the DVD player and had plenty of refreshments to stop hunger. We also had a large garage lamp to see things properly and read magazines.

Heck I feel like doing this again, I hope you enjoyed this article and remember, rate truthfully and comment!