Hello, Retrojunk!!! Welcome to my article about the handball game Suicide. If you don't know or remember, I'm about to spit some knowledge at you. Suicide is a handball game that kids and teens like to play at the park, schoolyard, or an available building wall. At least two players are needed and a handball. The one that I used growing up was a blue Sky Bounce, just had to pay $1 at the corner store.

The Rules:
• First player throws the ball to the wall
• Rest of the players attempt to catch the ball
• Once the ball is caught, the thrower has to run and touch the ball before being pegged by the ball.
• If a catcher drops the ball then he/she must run to the wall before another player successfully catches the ball and pegs him/her.
• After a player has taken a certain number of pegs he/she is then deemed the loser and must face the wall and take hits from the rest of the players.

The number of hits a player is allowed to take before being deemed the loser is determined before the game even begins. For example: in order to lose the match a player has to be pegged 3 times. Once the player loses then he/she must face the wall and the other player's line up from a certain distance and are allowed to take a set number of chances at pegging the loser again. Again for example the set number is 3. So in a quick mathematical problem: There are 4 players (Christian, Felix, Carlos, and Richie); Christian has lost after being successfully pegged 3 times. He faces the wall with his hands behind his head. Felix, Carlos, and Richie stand back about 15 feet and each take a turn to hit Christian; each is given 3 tries for a total of 9 times Christian can be hit. BRUTAL!!!

This game can get ugly like it did one time for me. It was during the 6th grade, so it's either late 1996 or early 1997. I used to take the cheese bus to get to IS 73 in Maspeth. While I waited for the bus some kids wanted to get a quick game of Suicide in before school. We walked over to the handball courts of Broadway Park and started playing. Must've been like 6 or 7 of us. I lost and had to take my hits. This one kid took his tries and on the last one he missed. Homeboy tried to play it off like he still had one more. Well, not to bore you but it led to a fist fight; my first one ever. Everyone else stuck around to watch the fight. This one cat I was cool with tried to step in for me but I told him thanks but I could handle it. I came out with the W and the other guy ended up fighting his boy. I don't know what led to that fight. Guess his boy made fun of him for losing. At the schoolyard it was hard to find an available wall, plus I was busy scoping out the girls. Best times I had playing this game were when I played with my boys in the building that we grew up in. The game was fun until the ball either was lost in the street, roofed by the older brothers of one of my friends, or we were called in by our parents.

Comments, both good and bad are welcome. PEACE!