Hey there, fellow RetroJunkers! This is my first article (please post how I can improve it) and I'm writing about my memories of, my first game console the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

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Behold it's 16-bit glory! Also, I'm European so this is the model I have.

How I acquired this treasure
My cousins had the SNES back in the 1990's and when the N64 came out they moved onto that so my Aunty had 2 SNESs(plural?) and gave them to me and my sister. To this day I can remember the great fun I had with the console and being baffled by some of the harder games controls and the strange accessories (which I recently found out more about, but more on that later) and the console is so well built it hasn't had a single thing about it go wrong, as of yet, which is more than I can say for my Xbox 360.

Super Game Boy

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This isn't really a game, it's an accessory that allows you to play Game Boy (not Color) games on the big screen, it's pretty useless since SNES games tend to be better than their portable counterparts. Also my Donkey Kong save got wiped off after trying this out so I don't ever use it.

Universal Adaptor

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This is the accessory I only recently figured out, as a child I thought it was a game itself and since it didn't come with a manual and I had no skills of using Google I was left to ponder how to use it. I recently found out I can put foreign cartridges onto the top and place a normal cartridge in the back to run said foreign cartridge, and I found out that StarFox was just the American name for StarWings (both of which I had) and I was disappointed. I also played Wing Commander and it turned out to be a point and click that bored the death out of me.

Super Mario All-Stars

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This was the first Mario game I ever played and it was great! It has all 3 of the Super Mario Bros with enhanced graphics and sound and the Lost Levels (it was the Japanese Super Mario Bros 2). This game also has multiplayer, sadly it isn't two players on the screen at the same time, when a player completes a level or dies the other player plays as the other Mario brother.

Road Runner

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This was a strange game, you play as the Road Runner and run away from Wile.E Coyote in the usual comical way, the first level consists of simply running to the left and jumping a couple of times until the Coyote run across the same bridge you ran over and falls down, then he reappears later in a Road Roller and then again in a Hot Air Balloon armed with some toy aeroplanes, the game was too hard for me to grasp because of the platforms and a lack of signs, this is the closest to Sonic the Hedgehog I've ever seen on the SNES.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the past

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This was my first Zelda game and although I never completed it or progressed far into the story I always found fun in fighting the guards of Hyrule, this game was probably a little too complex for me, and I never did understand why Link has pink hair in this one.

Super Mario Kart

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I don't understand why on the box it says "racing becomes an adventure", the game
doesn't have anything in it besides racing.

I have to admit I never did get into this game, the Version 8 (making a 2D console render 3D-like graphics) hurt my eyes and the controller just wasn't made for making quick turns. I'm not quite sure how this sold well but thankfully it did and spawned a N64 game "Mario Kart 64" and the other Mario Kart games.


For some reason the American title "Zombies ate my neighbour" was
deemed too inappropriate for release in the UK so it's called "Zombies" here

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This is definitely one of my favourites, the game is about two stereotypical-looking kids/teenagers who roam around there neighbourhood and beyond saving unsuspecting members of the public and advancing to the next level, of all my SNES games I say this has the best multiplayer. As a kid I was scared of the games music,setting and sound effects but now I realise it's not even supposed to be scary it's more of a comedy, the game also uses interesting weapons that you would normally find in a neighbourhood (water pistols,fizzy drinks, weed hackers,etc).
Also the game is different in the UK from different areas, they released it under the name of "Zombies" instead of "Zombies ate my neighbours" and gave the crazy lumberjacks axes instead of chainsaws (neither of which were needed).

Well, that was my "review" of some of my SNES games, please leave feedback and advice in case I make another article.