I know I can't speak for everybody, but I am very sick of continually hearing about movies getting remade from a decade that's just not old enough yet.

1. A Nightmare On Elmstreet
2. The Karate Kid
3. Clash Of The Titans
4. Red Dawn
5. Top Gun
6. Weird Science
7. Friday the 13th.

If you're reading this article, you are most likely able to remember watching these in the theater, VHS, or on Cable back when they were fairly new. And if that's true, then the movies are not old enough for a remake.

A Nightmare on Elmstreet? I don't care if they show the origin of Freddy. That will be a short part of the movie, and the rest is just a rehashing of what we already know. Why not instead just continue the franchise with more sequels? Same with the Friday the 13th series. We already saw the origins of both Jason and Freddy in "Freddy vs. Jason." Why does HoRRywood need to continue to re-tell things?

The "Clash Of The Titans" preview did look amazing. However are you going to allow that to cause you to sit through a movie where you already know the outcome? You don't have to worry about spoilers in any of these movies, you've already seen them over and over since the 80s. Again, a decade that's not old enough to have movies remade from.

How can we stop this? You can boycott them. If you're going to moan and complain about remakes, then pay to see them anyway.. you're only enabling HoRRywood to think you want to see remakes.

If you rationalize paying for them with misguided thoughts of "Well they're going to get made anyway..." again, you're enabling bad decisions from HoRRywood and just feeding the fire of remakes.

You need to stop paying for remakes. I was at a convention where Bruce Campbell was speaking. He said it best and I can only paraphrase.. if you are sick of something, don't pay for it and it will go away.

If you stop watering a plant it will die. If you stop paying for remakes they will at least slow down.