Remember writing stories when you were a kid? Remember how imaginative everybody would tell you that you were? The world was yours and you could write about anything you wanted!

Have you ever gone back and read your stories as an adult? I have. Crazy and unintentionally funny are the first words that come to mind.

Let me introduce you to two stories I wrote in school around 1st or 2nd grade. I think the creator of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles would like to have a word with me about plagiarism.

I even decorated my story with ears and a cotton tail! The story is called "Korat Rabbit".. Korat is supposed to be Karate.

Korat Rabbit
By Steven

Oun Day Mr. Karate Rabbit went home. When he woke up he saw a sword for Easter. Hewent to practice AfterThat. he went toa castle. in there was master

ShredderRabbit with agirl and hegot her. and rund. and they kist then theCastle blew up. the karate Rabbit and thegirlescaped.

My next story is called... wait for it... "Ninja Rabbits"... shhh.

ninjaRabbits Steven

Oun Day 3Baby Rabbits came down a hole.with glowing water. and Oun more Rabbit was in thair. and its name is masteryowshy And the ether'sOne's are

mikeRabbit. Rof Rabbit. LoeoRabbit. DonoRabbit. then they kame tO Bad Rabbit He was mad. The ninja Rabbits got him and was up in Heven. the end.

So needless to say I laughed hysterically when I found these. I read the stories out loud to my parents and fiancee and their reactions were the same. I think I need to go back and watch TMNT to get better material to steal off of them.

Until next time, Watch out for ninja rabbits..

and exploding castles.